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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
5-Jan-2013 Intimacy in the Pastoral Care. Ethical Sidenotes about the Use of Power in Pastoral GuidingPollefeyt, Didier
5-Jan-2013 Open brief aan Lampiris en EssentNicaise, Ides
6-Jan-2013 Zijn er wielerdokters in de zaal?Lagae, Wim
6-Jan-2013 Straightforward Reconstruction of Smooth Concave Diffusivity Profiles from Photothermal PhaseFivez, Jan
6-Jan-2013 Diversity and Evolution of Rhizobia in Legumes of the Cape Floristic RegionLemaire, Benny; Dlodlo, Oscar; Stirton, Charles; Chimphango, Samson; Janet, Sprent; Euan, James; Smets, Erik; Honnay, OIlivier; Muasya, Muthama
7-Jan-2013 Assignment of nurses to patients with depression based on aptitudeHaspeslagh, Marc; Vleugels, Arthur (supervisor); Delesie, Lucas (cosupervisor); Igodt, Paul (cosupervisor)
7-Jan-2013 Single-cell expression and structure-function analysis of a conserved bacterial GTPase in protection against lethal stressKint, Cyrielle; Michiels, Jan (supervisor); Hofkens, Johan (supervisor); Fauvart, Maarten (cosupervisor)
7-Jan-2013 Means for Change in Urban Policies - Application of the Advocacy Coalition Framework (ACF) to analyse Policy Change and Learning in the field of Urban Policies in Brussels and particularly in the subset of the European QuarterKuhk, Annette; Brans, Marleen (supervisor)
7-Jan-2013 Het misverstand van Geert BourgeoisLeman, Johan
7-Jan-2013 The mis-wired language network in autismVerly, Marjolein; Verhoeven, Judith; Lagae, Lieven; Zink, Inge; Rommel, Nathalie; Sunaert, Stefan
7-Jan-2013 Pesticide-laden dust emission and drift from treated seeds during seed drilling: a reviewNuyttens, David; Devarrewaere, Wouter; Verboven, Pieter; Foqué, Dieter
7-Jan-2013 Relearning of writing skills in Parkinson’s disease: A literature review on influential factors and optimal strategiesNackaerts, Evelien; Vervoort, Griet; Heremans, Elke; Engelsman, Bouwien; Swinnen, Stephan; Nieuwboer, Alice
7-Jan-2013 Solliciteren voor poetshulp kan met één sms'jeNicaise, Ides
7-Jan-2013 Describing data patterns. A general deconstruction of metadata standardsVoss, Jakob; Gradmann, Stefan (supervisor); Sasaki, Felix (cosupervisor)
8-Jan-2013 Biorelevant in vitro evaluation of gastrointestinal drug supersaturationBevernage, Jan; Augustijns, Patrick (supervisor); Brouwers, Joachim (cosupervisor); Annaert, Pieter (cosupervisor)
8-Jan-2013 Mechanisms of protein kinase A feedback inhibition regulating the intracellular cAMP levels in the yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiaeVandamme, Jurgen; Thevelein, Johan (supervisor)
8-Jan-2013 Human Resource Management in Triangular Employment RelationshipsRamos Fontinha, Ana Rita; De Cuyper, Nele (supervisor); Chambel, Maria José (supervisor)
8-Jan-2013 De Vlaamse deelname aan de European Survey on Language Competences: Resultaten en conclusiesDenies, Katrijn; Janssen, Rianne
8-Jan-2013 Waarom Barack Obama voor Chuck Hagel koosKerremans, Bart
8-Jan-2013 The Limits of a Global Legal Policy towards Tax Havens. An Analysis of its Legal EffectivenessVandendriessche, Diederik; Fleerackers, Frank (supervisor)
9-Jan-2013 Nutrient Cycles and Integrated Soil Fertility Management in Geba Catchment, Northern EthiopiaWoldetensai, Gebreyohannes Girmay; Deckers, Jozef A. (supervisor); Poesen, Jean (supervisor); Merckx, Roeland (supervisor)
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