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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Sep-1992 Formal Models of flexibility for manufacturing systemsValckenaers, Paul; Van Brussel, Hendrik
Sep-1992 Ontogeny of type I and type III deiodinase activities in embryonic and posthatch chicks : Relationship with changes in plasma triiodothyronine and growth hormone levelsDarras, Veerle; Visser, Tj; Berghman, Luc; Kühn, Eduard
Sep-1992 B-50/GAP43 localization in polarized hippocampal neurons in vitro: an ultrastructural quantitative studyCampagne, MV; Dotti, Carlos; SAN, ERAJT; Verkleij, AJ; Gispen, WH; Östreicher, AB
Sep-1992 Characterization of sialon ceramics by EPMA and TEMVleugels, Jef; Laoui, Tahar; Wouters, M; Van der Biest, Omer
Sep-1992 The electrodeposition of thick and bright silver-germanium alloyed coatingsDe Bonte, Marc; Celis, Jean-Pierre; Roos, J.R; Inst. Metal Finishing (othereditor)
Sep-1992 The PIP-triple mechanism for intensionally defining navigation in a third-order hypermedia systemArents, H.C; Bogaerts, Walter
Sep-1992 Neural network analysis of SCC in nuclear reactor waterSmets, H.M.G; Bogaerts, Walter; Bouillard, G
Sep-1992 Information structuring for intelligent hypermedia: a knowledge engineering approachArents, H.C; Bogaerts, Walter; Tjoa, A.M (othereditor); Ramos, I (othereditor)
Sep-1992 Progress on conventional thermal binder burnout from powder injection moulded compactsAngermann, H.H; Van der Biest, Omer
Sep-1992 The automatic activation of affect: Human affective reactions out of control?Hermans, Dirk
Sep-1992 Juridische bescherming van plantenbiotechnologische uitvindingen: een stand van zaken. Wetenschappelijk verslag opgemaakt ten behoeve van het Vlaams Actieprogramma BiotechnologieVan Overwalle, Geertrui
Sep-1992 Rehabilitatie in BrusselDe Hert, Marc; Billiet, L; Vercruyssen, V
Sep-1992 Role of peroxisomes in mammalian metabolismMannaerts, Guy; Van Veldhoven, Paul P
Sep-1992 Computer Aided Chaos (CAC) onnodig bij informatiseringGelders, Ludo
Sep-1992 Sequential effects in symmetry detection (Poster)Fias, W; Wagemans, Johan; van Outryve d'Ydewalle, Géry
Sep-1992 Inter- and intra-level activation spreading in perceptual organization and object recognitionFias, W; Wagemans, Johan; van Outryve d'Ydewalle, Géry
Sep-1992 Hitler en Stalin: terugblik op het tijdperk van de grote tirannenVerbeeck, Georgi
Sep-1992 Oracle semantics for PrologBarbuti, Roberto; Codish, Michael; Giacobazzi, Roberto; Maher, Michael
Sep-1992 Efficient analysis of concurrent constraint logic programsCodish, Michael; Falaschi, Moreno; Marriott, Kim; Winsborough, William
Sep-1992 Can hepatocytes serve as 'activated' immunomodulating cells in the immune response?Volpes, R; van den Oord, Joost; Desmet, V J
Sep-1992 Kinetics of DeNOx on a V2O5/WO3/TiO2 CatalystPinoy, Luc
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