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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Feb-2013 Subacute cytomegalovirus appendicitis in a renal transplant recipientPosen, A; Renckens, I; Sagaert, Xavier; Kuypers, Dirk
Feb-2013 Bonding effectiveness of self-adhesive composites to dentin and enamelPoitevin, André; De Munck, Jan; Van Ende, Annelies; Suyama, Yuji; Mine, Atsushi; Peumans, Marleen; Van Meerbeek, Bart
Feb-2013 How can active cycling produce less brain activity than passive cycling?Duysens, Jaak; Severens, Marianne; Nienhuis, Bart
Feb-2013 Durable bonding to mechanically and/or chemically pre-treated dental zirconiaInokoshi, Masanao; Kameyama, Atsushi; De Munck, Jan; Minakuchi, Shunsuke; Van Meerbeek, Bart
Feb-2013 Long-term Exposure to Sorafenib of Liver Cancer Cells Induces Resistance with Epithelial-to-Mesenchymal Transition, Increased Invasion and Risk of Rebound Growthvan Malenstein, Hannah; Dekervel, Jeroen; Verslype, Chris; Van Cutsem, Eric; Windmolders, Petra; Nevens, Frederik; van Pelt, Jos
Feb-2013 Watering our cities: The capacity for Water Sensitive Urban Design to support urban cooling and improve human thermal comfort in the Australian contextCoutts, A.M.; Tapper, N.J.; Beringer, J.; Loughnan, M.; Demuzere, Matthias
Feb-2013 Human blood outgrowth endothelial cells improve islet survival and function when co-transplanted in a mouse model of diabetesCoppens, Violette; Heremans, Y; Leuckx, G; Suenens, K; Jacobs-Tulleneers-Thevissen, D; Verdonck, K; Lahoutte, T; Luttun, Aernout; Heimberg, H; De Leu, N
Feb-2013 Growth modulation index as metric of clinical benefit assessment among advanced soft tissue sarcoma patients receiving trabectedin as a salvage therapyPenel, N; Demetri, G D; Blay, J Y; Cousin, S; Maki, R G; Chawla, S P; Judson, I; von Mehren, M; Schöffski, Patrick; Verweij, J; Casali, P; Rodenhuis, S; Schütte, H J; Cassar, A; Gomez, J; Nieto, A; Zintl, P; Pontes, M J; Le Cesne, A
Feb-2013 Primary ciliary dyskinesia, an orphan diseaseBoon, Mieke; Jorissen, Mark; Proesmans, Marijke; De Boeck, Christiane
Feb-2013 Dissimilar processing of emotional facial expressions in human and monkey temporal cortexZhu, Qi; Nelissen, Koen; Van den Stock, Jan; De Winter, François-Laurent; Pauwels, Karl; De Gelder, Beatrijs; Vanduffel, Wim; Vandenbulcke, Mathieu
Feb-2013 Cytoarchitectonic mapping of attentional selection and reorienting in parietal cortexGillebert, Céline; Mantini, Dante; Peeters, Ronald; Dupont, Patrick; Vandenberghe, Rik
Feb-2013 Randomized phase II study of three doses of the integrin inhibitor cilengitide versus docetaxel as second-line treatment for patients with advanced non-small-cell lung cancerManegold, Christian; Vansteenkiste, Johan; Cardenal, Felipe; Schuette, Wolfgang; Woll, Penella J; Ulsperger, Ernst; Kerber, Anne; Eckmayr, Josef; von Pawel, Joachim
Feb-2013 A Pan-European study of the C9orf72 Repeat Associated with FTLD: Geographic Prevalence, Genomic Instability and Intermediate Repeatsvan der Zee, Julie; Gijselinck, Ilse; Dillen, Lubina; Van Langenhove, Tim; Theuns, Jessie; Engelborghs, Sebastiaan; Philtjens, Stéphanie; Vandenbulcke, Mathieu; Sleegers, Kristel; Sieben, Anne; Bäumer, Veerle; Maes, Githa; Corsmit, Ellen; Borroni, Barbara; Padovani, Alessandro; Archetti, Silvana; Perneczky, Robert; Diehl-Schmid, Janine; de Mendonça, Alexandre; Miltenberger-Miltenyi, Gabriel; ...
Feb-2013 Endoscopic improvement of mucosal lesions in patients with moderate to severe ileocolonic Crohn's disease following treatment with certolizumab pegolHébuterne, Xavier; Lémann, Marc; Bouhnik, Yoram; Dewit, Olivier; Dupas, Jean-Louis; Mross, Michael; D'Haens, Geert; Mitchev, Krassimir; Ernault, Etienne; Vermeire, Severine; Brixi-Benmansour, Hedia; Moreels, Tom G; Mary, Jean-Yves; Marteau, Philippe; Colombel, Jean-Frédéric
Feb-2013 Cost-effectiveness assessment of orphan drugs: a scientific and political conundrumSimoens, Steven; Picavet, Eline; Dooms, Marc; Cassiman, David; Morel, Thomas
Feb-2013 Host RNA polymerase inhibitors encoded by ϕKMV-like phages of pseudomonasKlimuk, Evgeny; Akulenko, Natalia; Makarova, Kira S; Ceyssens, Pieter-Jan; Volchenkov, Ivan; Lavigne, Rob; Severinov, Konstantin
Feb-2013 The impact of pregnancy on urinary ketorolac metabolites after single intravenous bolusKulo, Aida; Hendrickx, Sarah; de Hoon, Jan; Mulabegovic, Nedzad; Van Calsteren, Kristel; Verbesselt, René; Allegaert, Karel
Feb-2013 Elastic image registration versus speckle tracking for 2D myocardial motion estimation: a direct comparison in-vivoHeyde, Brecht; Jasaityte, Ruta; Barbosa, Daniel; Robesyn, Valérie; Bouchez, Stefaan; Wouters, Patrick; Maes, Frederik; Claus, Piet; D'hooge, Jan
Feb-2013 On the applicability of static modes switching in gear contact applicationsTamarozzi, Tommaso; Ziegler, Pascal; Eberhard, Peter; Desmet, Wim
Feb-2013 Manninotriose is a major carbohydrate in red deadnettle (Lamium purpureum, Lamiaceae)dos Santos, Raquel; Vergauwen, Rudy; Pacolet, Pieter; Lescrinier, Eveline; Van den Ende, Wim
Feb-2013 Perinatal pharmacologyvan den Anker, John; Allegaert, Karel
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