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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
1-Feb-2013 Cultural trade between the Southern Netherlands and New Spain. A history of transatlantic book circuits and book consumption in the early modern age.Manrique Figueroa, Cesar Alejandro; Thomas, Werner (supervisor)
1-Feb-2013 Transmission and Transformation of European Church Types in China: The Churches of the Scheut Missions beyond the Great Wall, 1865-1955 (Overdracht en omvorming van Europese kerktypen in China: de kerken van de Scheut Missie buiten de Grote Muur, 1865-1955)Luo, Wei; De Jonge, Krista (supervisor); Coomans de Brachène, Thomas (supervisor); Zhu, Guang-ya (supervisor)
1-Feb-2013 Black shale formation during the Latest Danian Event and the Paleocene–Eocene Thermal Maximum in central Egypt: Two of a kind?Schulte, Peter; Schwark, Lorenz; Stassen, Peter; Kouwenhoven, Tanja; Bornemann, Andre; Speijer, Robert
1-Feb-2013 Critical behavior in two-matrix modelsGeudens, Dries; Kuijlaars, Arnoldus (supervisor)
1-Feb-2013 Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Control of a Spherical Rolling Robot Using Sliding-Mode-Control-Theory-Based Online Learning AlgorithmKayacan, Erkan; Kayacan, Erdal; Ramon, Herman; Saeys, Wouter
1-Feb-2013 Duitse loonmatiging is niet de oplossing, wel deels de oorzaak van het probleemLiagre, Pieter
1-Feb-2013 Customization and management control: An analysis of franchise contractsVerbieren, Sofie; Cools, Martine; Van den Abbeele, Alexandra
1-Feb-2013 Taalontwikkelend lesgeven in het hoger onderwijs: het kan! Succesfactoren en struikelblokken doorgelichtPeters, Elke; Van Houtven, Tine; Kerkhofs, Goele
1-Feb-2013 Screw extrusion based 3D printing, a novel additive manufacturing technologyValkenaers, Hans; Vogeler, Frederik; Voet, André; Kruth, Jean-Pierre; de Bee, Anèl (othereditor); Smith, Karina (othereditor)
1-Feb-2013 A 4.5 MGy TID-tolerant CMOS bandgap reference circuit using a dynamic base leakage compensation techniqueCao, Ying; De Cock, Wouter; Steyaert, Michiel; Leroux, Paul
1-Feb-2013 A new method to measure critical strain in composite materials - combining the Euler-Fresnel spiral with acoustic emission to assess crack positionsRoozen, Bert; Tazelaar, Katrin; Koussios, Sotiris; Beukers, Adriaan
1-Feb-2013 Experimental-numerical study and optimization of sound insulation of a finite composite cylinderYuan, Chongxin; Roozen, Bert; Bergsma, Otto; Beukers, Adriaan
1-Feb-2013 Écrivains modes d’emploi. Revisiter les figures de l’écrivainVanmol, Aleide; Willem, Guillaume
1-Feb-2013 'Evidence Based Practice', dat doe je niet alleenDevesse, Anne; Smits, Dirk
1-Feb-2013 The Future of European trade unions: searching strategic leversVan Gyes, Guy
1-Feb-2013 Vaarwel, oude wereldTeeuwen, Ludo
1-Feb-2013 Reconstructing genetic variation for historical changes in P-availability: a case-study using the Daphnia-parasite model systemReyserhove, Lien; Beer, Thomas; Muylaert, Koenraad; Decaestecker, Ellen
1-Feb-2013 Ovarian Cancer 2013: State-of-the-ArtAmant, Frédéric
1-Feb-2013 Skilled companionship: utopie of challengeDierckx de Casterlé, Bernadette
1-Feb-2013 The world innovation landscape: Asia rising?Veugelers, Reinhilde
2-Feb-2013 Ring resonator based SOI biosensorsBienstman, Peter; Werquin, Sam; Cristina, Lerma Arce; Witters, Daan; Puers, Bob; Lammertyn, Jeroen; Claes, Tom; Hallynck, Elewout; Hoste, Jan-Willem; Martens, Daan
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