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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Feb-2013 Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy for functional somatic disordersLuyten, Patrick
Feb-2013 A Vision of Unity from a Catholic PerspectiveMayer, Annemarie C.
Feb-2013 Cardiovascular pathology in males and females with 45,X/46,XY mosaicismDe Groote, Katya; Cools, Martine; De Schepper, Jean; Craen, Margarita; François, Inge; Devos, Daniel; Carbonez, Karlien; Eyskens, Benedicte; De Wolf, Daniel
Feb-2013 Generalized multistage mechanical model for nonlinear metallic materialsHradil, Petr; Talja, Asko; Real, Esther; Mirambell, Enrique; Rossi, Barbara
Feb-2013 Beeld in panneHuylebrouck, Dirk
Feb-2013 Evaluation of multi-endpoint assay to detect genotoxicity and oxidative stress in mice exposed to sodium fluorideJ, Manivannan; Sinha, Sonali; Ghosh, Manosij; Mukherjee, Anita
Feb-2013 Core vocabulary, borrowability, and entrenchment. A usage-based onomasiological approachZenner, Eline; Speelman, Dirk; Geeraerts, Dirk
Feb-2013 Tunneling of homes is observed by second-harmonic generationVanbel, Maarten K.; Afanas'ev, Valeri; Adelmann, Christoph; Caymax, Matty; V. K. Valev, Ventsislav; Verbiest, Thierry
Feb-2013 De lokalisatie van opsporing in een virtuele omgeving: Wie zoekt waar in cyberspace?Conings, Charlotte
Feb-2013 Tongue coating: related factorsVan Tornout, Marie; Dadamio, Jesica; Coucke, Wim; Quirynen, Marc
Feb-2013 Asteroseismology of eclipsing binary stars using Kepler and the hermes spectrographSchmid, Valentina; Debosscher, Jonas; Degroote, Pieter; Aerts, Conny
Feb-2013 Asteroseismology of binary stars and a compilation of core overshoot and rotational frequency values of OB starsAerts, Conny
Feb-2013 Late-time evolution of ultracompact X-ray binariesvan Haaften, LM; Nelemans, Gijs; Voss, R
Feb-2013 What we should learn from the London OlympicsBonini, M; Bachert, C; Baena-Cagnani, C E; Bedbrook, A; Brozek, J L; Canonica, G W; Cruz, A A; Fokkens, W J; Gerth van Wijk, R; Grouse, L; Hellings, Peter; Howarth, P; Kalayci, O; Khaltaev, N; Kuna, P; Larenas Linnemann, D; Nekam, K; Palkonen, S; Papadopoulos, N G; Popov, T A; ...
Feb-2013 The rise and fall of the world's largest wine exporter (and its institutional legacy)Meloni, Giulia; Swinnen, Jo
Feb-2013 Kwaliteit van werk en werkgelegenheid in BelgiëVandenbrande, Tom; Vandekerckhove, Sem; Vendramin, Patricia; Valenduc, Gérard; Huys, Rik; Van Hootegem, Geert; Hansez, Isabelle; Vanroelen, Christophe; Puig-Barrachina, Vanessa; Bosmans, Kim; De Witte, Hans
Feb-2013 Cultural Patterns of Self: How Autonomy and Relatedness Affect Adjustment in Turkish and Belgian YouthCoskan, Canan; Gungor, Derya; Phalet, Karen
1-Feb-2013 A clusterwise simultaneous component method for capturing within-cluster differences in component variances and correlationsDe Roover, Kim; Ceulemans, Eva; Timmerman, Marieke E.; Onghena, Patrick
1-Feb-2013 Emerging Roles of the Brain’s Default NetworkMantini, Dante; Vanduffel, Wim
1-Feb-2013 Patient Positioning Based on a Radioactive Tracer Implanted in Patients With Localized Prostate Cancer: A Performance and Safety Evaluationde Kruijf, W; Verstraete, J; Neustadter, D; Corn, B; Hol, S; Venselaar, J; Davits, R; Wijsman, B; Van den Bergh, L; Budiharto, T; Oyen, Raymond; Haustermans, Karin; Poortmans, P
1-Feb-2013 Building Trust: Communication and subordinate trust in public organizationPorumbescu, Greg; Park, Jungho; Oomsels, Peter
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