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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Mar-2013 Experiencing (im)potentiality: Bollnow and Agamben on the educational meaning of school practicesVlieghe, Joris
Mar-2013 The effect of enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli F4ab,ac on early-weaned piglets: a gene expression studySchroyen, Martine; Goddeeris, Bruno; Stinckens, Anneleen; Verhelst, R; Janssens, Steven; Cox, E; Georges, Michel; Niewold, Theo; Buys, Nadine
Mar-2013 Predictors of driving in individuals with Relapsing-Remitting Multiple SclerosisAkinwuntan, Abiodun Emmanuel; Devos, Hannes; Stepleman, Lara; Casillas, Rhonda; Rahn, Rebecca; Smith, Suzanne; Williams, Mitzi
Mar-2013 Prediabetic increase in hemoglobin A1c compared with impaired fasting glucose in patients receiving antipsychotic drugsManu, Peter; Correll, Christoph; Wampers, Martien; van Winkel, Ruud; Yu, Weiping; Mitchell, Alex; De Hert, Marc
Mar-2013 To tell or not to tell? A systematic review of ethical reflections on incidental findings arising in genetics contextsChristenhusz, Gabrielle; Devriendt, Koenraad; Dierickx, Kris
Mar-2013 No free lunch and benchmarksDuéñez-Guzmán, Edgar; Vose, Michael
Mar-2013 Mapping of Pelvic Lymph Node Metastases in Prostate CancerJoniau, Steven; Van den Bergh, L; Lerut, Evelyne; Deroose, Christophe; Haustermans, Karin; Oyen, Raymond; Budiharto, T; Ameye, F; Bogaerts, Kris; Van Poppel, Hendrik
Mar-2013 Intravenous golimumab is effective in patients with active rheumatoid arthritis despite methotrexate therapy with responses as early as week 2: results of the phase 3, randomised, multicentre, double-blind, placebo-controlled GO-FURTHER trialWeinblatt, Michael E; Bingham, Clifton O; Mendelsohn, Alan M; Kim, Lilianne; Mack, Michael; Baker, Daniel; Westhovens, Rene
Mar-2013 Student midwives' views on maternity care just before their graduationVan Kelst, Liesbeth; Spitz, Bernard; Sermeus, Walter; Thomson, Ann M
Mar-2013 Confirmatory factor analysis of the Dutch Intolerance of Uncertainty Scale: Comparison of the full and short versionHelsen, Kim; Van den Bussche, Eva; Vlaeyen, Johan; Goubert, Liesbet
Mar-2013 Effects of Vitamin D on Antigen-specific and Antigen-non-specific Immune Modulation: Relevance for Type 1 DiabetesTakiishi, Tatiana; Van Belle, Tom; Gysemans, Conny; Mathieu, Chantal
Mar-2013 Pharmacokinetics of paracetamol and its metabolites in women at delivery and postpartumKulo, Aida; Peeters, Mariska; Allegaert, Karel; Smits, Anne; de Hoon, Jan; Verbesselt, Rene; Lewi, Liesbeth; Van De Velde, Marc; Knibbe, Catherijne
Mar-2013 State of the Art Radiation Therapy for Lung Cancer 2012: A Glimpse of the FutureDe Ruysscher, Dirk; Belderbos, José; Reymen, Bart; van Elmpt, Wouter; van Baardwijk, Angela; Wanders, Rinus; Hoebers, Frank; Vooijs, Marc; Ollers, Michel; Lambin, Philippe
Mar-2013 Impaired expression of genes involved in the butyrate oxidation pathway in Crohn's disease patientsDe Preter, Vicky; Rutgeerts, Paul; Schuit, Frans; Verbeke, Kristin; Arijs, Ingrid
Mar-2013 Switching from intravenous to oral tacrolimus and voriconazole leads to a more pronounced drug-drug interactionSpriet, Isabel; Grootaert, Veerle; Meyfroidt, Geert; Debaveye, Yves; Willems, Ludo
Mar-2013 Length of stay after reaching clinical stability drives hospital costs associated with adult community-acquired pneumoniaCortoos, Pieter-Jan; Gilissen, C; Laekeman, Gert; Peetermans, Willy; Vandorpe, L; Simoens, Steven
Mar-2013 Role of GRB2-associated binder 1 in epidermal growth factor receptor-induced signaling in head and neck squamous cell carcinomaHoeben, A; Martin, D; Clement, Paul; Cools, J; Gutkind, J S
Mar-2013 Digital method for quantification of circumferential periodontal bone level using cone beam CTFleiner, Jonathan; Hannig, Christian; Schulze, Dirk; Stricker, Andres; Jacobs, Reinhilde
Mar-2013 Tool path compensation strategies for single point incremental sheet forming using Multivariate Adaptive Regression SplinesBehera, Amar Kumar; Verbert, Johan; Lauwers, Bert; Duflou, Joost
Mar-2013 In the Rhythm of the Global Market: Female Expatriates and Mobile Careers. A Case Study of Indian ICT Professionals on the MoveRoos, Hannelore
Mar-2013 Review of Fortunati, Leopoldina, Pertierra, Raul & Vincent, Jane (eds.) (2012) Migration, Diaspora, and Information Technology in Global Societies, New York & London: Routledge. 271 ppRoos, Hannelore
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