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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Young leading innovators and the EU’s R&D intensity gapCincere, Michele; Veugelers, Reinhilde
2013 Risk based classification of toxic fluidsVandebroek, Luc; Daenen, Michael; Joosten, P.; Berghmans, Jan
2013 Driving performance in persons with mild to moderate Multiple SclerosisDevos, Hannes; Brijs, Tom; Alders, Geert; Wets, Geert; Feys, Peter
2013 Art, Intellect and Politics. A Diachronic PerspectiveMargagliotta, Giusy Maria Ausilia (editor); Robiglio, Andrea (editor); Günther, Hans-Christian (series)
2013 Boosting Metaheuristic Search Using Reinforcement LearningWauters, Tony; Verbeeck, Katja; De Causmaecker, Patrick; Vanden Berghe, Greet; El-Ghazali, Talbi (othereditor)
2013 Paul VI and the Postconciliar Crisis in the Netherlands. An Exercise in Implementing Collegial GovernanceSchelkens, Karim; Ernesti, Jörg (othereditor)
2013 Comment on Anjum Alvi's 'Concealment and Revealment: the Muslim Veil in Context'Bracke, Sarah
2013 Processing tomato pulp in the presence of lipids: the impact on lycopene bioaccessibilityColle, Ines; Lemmens, Lien; Van Buggenhout, Sandy; Met, Kristof; Van Loey, Ann; Hendrickx, Marc
2013 Bylex’s Tourist City: A Reflection on Utopia in the Post-Political CityDe Boeck, Filip; Van Synghel, Koen; Pieterse, Edgar (othereditor); Simone, AbdouMaliq (othereditor)
2013 Identifying quantitative trait loci for symbiotic nitrogen fixation capacity and related traits in common beanRamaekers, Lara; Galeano Mendoza, Carlos; Garzon, N.; Vanderleyden, Jos; Blair, M.W.
2013 Climate change impact on river flows and catchment hydrology: a comparison of two spatially distributed modelsVansteenkiste, Thomas; Tavakoli, M.; Ntegeka, Victor; Willems, Patrick; De Smedt, Florimond; Batelaan, Okke
2013 Can alternative education increase children’s early school engagement? A longitudinal study from kindergarten to third gradede Bilde, Jerissa; Van Damme, Jan; Lamote, Carl; De Fraine, Bieke
2013 Het gentlemen’s agreementWillems, Kurt
2013 Procedural reality in Corsica under the rule of the Banco di San Giorgio after 1453Castelein, Matthias
2013 Prospective/Randomized comparative study on V-Y and pants-over-vest capsulorraphy in chevron and scarf osteotomyMatricali, Giovanni; Vermeersch, Geert; Busschots, Ellen; Fieuws, Steffen; Deschamps, Kevin
2013 Time-Optimal Path Following for Robots with Convex-Concave Constraints using Sequential Convex ProgrammingDebrouwere, Fred; Van Loock, Wannes; Pipeleers, Goele; Tran Dinh, Quoc; Diehl, Moritz; De Schutter, Joris; Swevers, Jan
2013 Time-Optimal Path Following for Robots with Trajectory Jerk Constraints using Sequential Convex ProgrammingDebrouwere, Frederik; Van Loock, Wannes; Pipeleers, Goele; Tran Dinh, Quoc; Diehl, Moritz; De Schutter, Joris; Swevers, Jan
2013 Assessing urbanisation effects on rainfall-runoff using a remote sensing supported modelling strategyVerbeiren, B; Van De Voorde, T; Canters, Frank; Binard, M; Cornet, Y; Batelaan, Okke
2013 Patterns in the prevalence of research-related goals in higher education programmesVerburgh, An; Schouteden, Wendy; Elen, Jan
2013 The mysteries of Egyptian Nile perch (Lates niloticus). The case of Tell Tweini (Syria, Middle Bronze Age-Iron Age)Linseele, Veerle; Van Neer, Wim; Bretschneider, Joachim; De Cupere, Bea (othereditor); Linseele, Veerle (othereditor); Hamilton-Dyer, S. (othereditor)
2013 Does innovation need reanalysis?De Smet, Hendrik; Coussé, Evie (othereditor); Von Mengden, Ferdinand (othereditor)
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