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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Jan-2013 Use of general practitioners versus mental health professionals in six European countries: the decisive role of the organization of mental health-care systemsDezetter, Anne; Briffault, X; Bruffaerts, Ronny; De Graaf, R; Alonso, J; König, H H; Haro, J M; de Girolamo, G; Vilagut, G; Kovess-Masféty, V
Jan-2013 Paracrine signaling through plasma membrane hemichannelsWang, Nan; De Bock, Marijke; Decrock, Elke; Bol, Melissa; Gadicherla, Ashish; Vinken, Mathieu; Rogiers, Vera; Bukauskas, Feliksas F; Bultynck, Geert; Leybaert, Luc
Jan-2013 Are spondylarthritides related but distinct conditions or a single disease with a heterogeneous phenotype?Baeten, Dominique; Breban, Maxime; Lories, Rik; Schett, Georg; Sieper, Joachim
Jan-2013 Rational interpolation: II. Quadrature and convergenceDeckers, Karl; Bultheel, Adhemar
Jan-2013 Modal-Epistemic Arithmetic and the problem of quantifying inHeylen, Jan
Jan-2013 Fairy shrimps in distress: a molecular taxonomic review of the diverse fairy shrimp genus Branchinella (Anostraca: Thamnocephalidae) in Australia in the light of ongoing environmental changePinceel, Tom; Vanschoenwinkel, Bram; Waterkeyn, Aline; Vanhove, Maarten; Pinder, Adrian; Timms, Brian V.; Brendonck, Luc
Jan-2013 A critical review why assessment of steroid hormone receptors in breast cancer should be quantitativeBrouckaert, O; Paridaens, Robert; Floris, Guiseppe; Rakha, E; Osborne, K; Neven, Patrick
Jan-2013 Multivariate normalized Powell-Sabin B-splines and quasi-interpolantsSpeleers, Hendrik
Jan-2013 Fast and Fully Automatic 3-D Echocardiographic Segmentation Using B-Spline Explicit Active Surfaces: Feasibility Study and Validation in a Clinical SettingBarbosa, Daniel; Dietenbeck, Thomas; Heyde, Brecht; Houle, Helene; Friboulet, Denis; D'hooge, Jan; Bernard, Olivier
Jan-2013 The potential for speech intelligibility improvement using the ideal binary mask and the ideal Wiener filter in single channel noise reduction systems: Application to auditory prosthesesMadhu, Nilesh; Spriet, Ann; Jansen, Sofie; Koning, Raphael; Wouters, Jan
Jan-2013 Comprehensive quantification of the spastic catch in children with Cerebral PalsyBar-On, Lynn; Aertbeliën, Erwin; Molenaers, Guy; Bruyninckx, Herman; Monari, Davide; Jaspers, Ellen; Cazaerck, Anne; Desloovere, Kaat
Jan-2013 Accurate prediction of pregnancy viability by means of a simple scoring systemBottomley, C; Van Belle, Vanya; Kirk, E; Van Huffel, Sabine; Timmerman, Dirk; Bourne, Tom
Jan-2013 Co-occurrence of non-suicidal self-injury and impulsivity in extreme weight conditionsClaes, Laurence; Fernandez-Aranda, Fernando; Jimenez-Murcia, Susana; Botella, C.; Casanueva, F.F.; de la Torre, R.; Fernandez-Real, J.M.; Fruhbeck, G.; Tirahones, F.J.; Vilarrasa, N.; Monserrat-Gil de Bernabé, M.; Granero, R.; Agüera, Z.; Sancho, C.; Muehlenkamp, J.; Menchon, M.
Jan-2013 Assessing the role of policies on land use change and agricultural development since 1960s in northern EthiopiaBelay, Kassa Teka; Van Rompaey, Anton; Poesen, Jean
Jan-2013 Samenvatting EHRM 16 november 2010, PerdigaõVerrijdt, Willem; Lemmens, Paul (editor)
Jan-2013 How does brain activation differ in children with unilateral cerebral palsy compared to typically developing children, during active and passive movements, and tactile stimulation? An fMRI studyVan de Winckel, Ann; Klingels, Katrijn; Bruyninckx, Frans; Wenderoth, Nici; Peeters, Ron; Sunaert, Stefan; Van Hecke, Wim; De Cock, Paul; Eyssen, Maria; De Weerdt, Willy; Feys, Hilde
Jan-2013 Does the use of hormonal contraceptives cause microstructural changes in cerebral white matter? Preliminary results of a DTI and tractography studyDe Bondt, Timo; Van Hecke, Wim; Veraart, Jelle; Leemans, Alexander; Sijbers, Jan; Sunaert, Stefan; Jacquemyn, Yves; Parizel, Paul M
Jan-2013 Endocrine, Metabolic and Morphologic Alterations of Adipose Tissue during Critical IllnessBastos Marques, Mirna; Langouche, Lies
Jan-2013 Sarcopenia and its relationship with bone mineral density in middle-aged and elderly European menVerschueren, Sabine; Gielen, Evelien; O'Neill, T W; Pye, S R; Adams, J E; Ward, K A; Wu, F C; Szulc, P; Laurent, Michaël; Claessens, Frank; Vanderschueren, Dirk; Boonen, Steven
Jan-2013 Investigating the role of pain-modulating pathway genes in musculoskeletal painHolliday, K L; McBeth, J; Macfarlane, G; Huhtaniemi, I T; Bartfai, G; Casanueva, F F; Forti, G; Kula, K; Punab, M; Vanderschueren, Dirk; Wu, F C; Thomson, W
Jan-2013 Identification of CUX1 as the recurrent chromosomal band 7q22 target gene in human uterine leiomyomaSchoenmakers, Eric F P M; Bunt, Jens; Hermers, Lianne; Schepens, Marga; Merkx, Gerard; Janssen, Bert; Kersten, Monique; Huys, Erik; Pauwels, Patrick; Debiec-Rychter, Maria; van Kessel, Ad Geurts
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