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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
26-Feb-2013 Quantifying microrelaxation processes in free surface flowsMathues, Wouter; Clasen, Christian
26-Feb-2013 Meesterlijk duurzaamVan Poeck, Katrien
26-Feb-2013 Development of photoelectrochemical reactors for artificial photosynthesisRongé, Jan; Martens, Johan
26-Feb-2013 An intelligent experimental approach for the optimization of the process parameters for the thermoforming of plastics and compositesVan Mieghem, Bart; Van Bael, Albert; Ivens, Jan
26-Feb-2013 The unique microstructure of metals produced by Selective Laser MeltingThijs, Lore; Kruth, Jean-Pierre; Van Humbeeck, Jan
26-Feb-2013 Armoede bij jongerenNicaise, Ides
26-Feb-2013 Molecular analysis of the interaction between the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG and intestinal epithelial cellsSegers, Marijke; Claes, Ingmar; Verhoeven, Tine; von Ossowski, I.; Vanderleyden, Jos; Lebeer, Sarah
26-Feb-2013 MRC ReportVan Acker, Karel
26-Feb-2013 Ductile steel fibre compositesCallens, Michaël; Gorbatikh, Larissa; Verpoest, Ignace
26-Feb-2013 Induction of aberrant vascular growth, but not of normal angiogenesis, by cell-based expression of different doses of human and mouse VEGF is species-dependentBanfi, Andrea; Mujagic, Edin; PATEL, Samie
26-Feb-2013 Do's and don'ts of qPCRTemmerman, Liesbet
26-Feb-2013 R132C IDH1 mutations are found in spindle cell hemangiomas and not in other vascular tumors or malformationsSciot, Raf
27-Feb-2013 Optimal Robot Path Following for Minimal Time versus Energy Loss Trade-Off using Sequential Convex ProgrammingDebrouwere, Frederik; Van Loock, Wannes; Pipeleers, Goele; Tran Dinh, Quoc; Diehl, Moritz; De Schutter, Joris; Swevers, Jan
27-Feb-2013 Modelling of Integrated Circuit Packages and Electromagnetic Coupling to Interconnects (Modellering van verpakkingen voor geïntegreerde schakelingen en van elektromagnetische koppeling met interconnects)Mandic, Tvrtko; Nauwelaers, Bart (supervisor); Baric, Adrijan (supervisor)
27-Feb-2013 De rede van het hart. Over psychoanalyse en liefdeKinet, Mark
27-Feb-2013 Single-center analysis of biopsy-confirmed posttransplant lymphoproliferative disorder: incidence, clinico-pathological characteristics and prognostic factorsDierickx, Daan; Tousseyn, Thomas; Sagaert, Xavier; Fieuws, Steffen; Wlodarska, Iwona; Morscio, Julie; Brepoels, Lieselot; Kuypers, Dirk; Vanhaecke, Johan; Nevens, Frederik; Verleden, Geert; van damme-lombaerts, Rita; Renard, Marleen; Pirenne, Jacques; De Wolf-Peeters, Chris; Verhoef, Gregor
27-Feb-2013 Influence of boron-doping on the tribological properties of micro and nanocrystalline diamond thin filmsGomes, Francis Oliver Vinay; Hantschel, T.; Buijnsters, Josephus Gerardus; Tsigkourakos, M.; Arstila, K.; Celis, Jean-Pierre; Vandervorst, Wilfried
27-Feb-2013 How my mother diedMortier, Tom; Bieseman, Steven; De Dijn, Herman
27-Feb-2013 De versterking van kinderarmoedebeleid in VlaanderenGroenez, Steven
27-Feb-2013 Conceptualizing and Comparing the Rule of Law. Concluding RemarksHeysse, Tim
28-Feb-2013 An efficient algorithm for solving time-optimal point-to-point motion control problemsJanssens, Pieter; Van Loock, Wannes; Pipeleers, Goele; Swevers, Jan
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