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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
30-Jul-2013 The Discovery of a New Series of Uniform PolyhedraRoelofs, Rinus
31-Jul-2013 Extracellular recordings from rat olfactory epithelium slices using micro electrode arraysMicholt, Evelien; Jans, Danny; Callewaert, Geert; Bartic, Carmen; Lammertyn, Jeroen; Nicolai, Bart
31-Jul-2013 Social Network Analysis and the Zenon ArchiveBroux, Yanne; Vanbeselaere, Silke
31-Jul-2013 Mechanical properties of electrochemically synthesised metal–organic framework thin filmsVan de Voorde, Ben; Ameloot, Rob; Stassen, Ivo; Everaert, Maarten; De Vos, Dirk; Tan, Jin-Chong
31-Jul-2013 How Couples’ Experiences prior to the Start of Infertility Treatment with Donor Gametes Influence the Disclosure DecisionIndekeu, Astrid; Rober, Peter; Schotsmans, Paul; Daniels, K. R; Dierickx, K; D'Hooghe, Thomas
Aug-2013 Imagineering Otherness: Anthropological legacies in tourismSalazar, Noel B.
Aug-2013 The impact of coding time on the estimation of school effectsAnumendem, Dickson; De Fraine, Bieke; Onghena, Patrick; Van Damme, Jan
Aug-2013 Information on antidepressants for psychiatric inpatients: the divide between patient needs and professional practiceDesplenter, Siska; Laekeman, Gert; De Coster, Sandra; VZA Psychiatry Research Group; Simoens, Steven
Aug-2013 Differentiated information on antidepressants at hospital discharge: a hypothesis-generating studyDesplenter, Siska; Laekeman, Gert; GIPPOZ Research Group; Simoens, Steven
Aug-2013 On the inference of non-confluent NLC graph grammarsBrijder, Robert; Blockeel, Hendrik
Aug-2013 Vitamin C in blanched vegetables: effect of chlorine dioxide and peracetic acid used as disinfectants during coolingJooken, Etienne; Smedts, Annelies; Desmidt, Evelyn; Monballiu, Annick; Amery, Ruis; Meesschaert, Boudewijn
Aug-2013 Monomialization of morphisms and p-adic quantifier eliminationDenef, Jan
Aug-2013 Smart control of spinal alignment through active adjustment of mechanical bed properties during sleepVerhaert, Vincent; Van Deun, Dorien; Verbraecken, Johan; Vandekerckhove, Marie; Exadaktylos, Vasileios; Haex, Bart; Vander Sloten, Jos
Aug-2013 Angiogenesis regulatory factors in the vitreous from patients with proliferative diabetic retinopathyAbu El-Asrar, Ahmed M; Nawaz, Mohd Imtiaz; Kangave, Dustan; Siddiquei, Mohammed Miraj; Ola, Mohammad Shamsul; Opdenakker, Ghislain
Aug-2013 Is PPARα intron 7 G/C polymorphism associated with muscle strength characteristics in nonathletic young men?Broos, Siacia; Windelinckx, An; De Mars, Gunther; Huygens, Wim; Peeters, Maarten; Aerssens, Jeroen; Vlietinck, Robert; Beunen, Gaston; Thomis, Martine
Aug-2013 Randomized Controlled Trial to Compare Two Bone Substitutes in the Treatment of Bony DehiscencesVan Assche, Nele; Michels, Sofie; Naert, Ignace; Quirynen, Marc
Aug-2013 Ultrasound-Intensified Mineral CarbonationSantos, Rafael; François, Davy; Mertens, Gilles; Elsen, Jan; Van Gerven, Tom
Aug-2013 Right ventricular load and function during exercise in patients with open and closed atrial septal defect type secundumVan De Bruaene, Alexander; De Meester, Pieter; Buys, Roselien; L Vanhees, Luc; Delcroix, Marion; Voigt, Jens-Uwe; Budts, Werner
Aug-2013 Transventricular balloon dilation and stenting of the RVOT in small infants with tetralogy of fallot with pulmonary atresiaCools, Bjorn; Boshoff, DE; Heying, Ruth; Rega, Filip; Meyns, Bart; Gewillig, Marc
Aug-2013 Perceived health is partially associated with the symptomatological profile in patients with benign and severe conditions: The case of congenital heart diseaseSchoormans, Dounya; Sprangers, Myriam; Budts, Werner; Mulder, Barbara; Apers, Silke; Moons, Philip
Aug-2013 Ageing of internal models: from a continuous to an intermittent proprioceptive control of movementBoisgontier, Matthieu; Nougier, Vincent
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