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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
31-Jan-2013 Oriëntatie van staalvezelsAndries, Joren; Vandewalle, Lucie; Van Gysel, Ann
31-Jan-2013 Dubbele belasting Franse dividenden en EU-recht : gemiste herkansingGernay, Thomas
31-Jan-2013 Alleen debat over dotatiesysteem is ernstig te nemenVerbeke, Alain Laurent
31-Jan-2013 Atlantoaxial instability in monozygotic twin sisters: degenerative of congenital disease? - Report of 2 casesde Jong, Lars; Verfaillie, Michiel; Pans, Steven; Lauweryns, Philippe; Goffin, Jan; Depreitere, Bart
31-Jan-2013 Coevolution in the mutualism between N-fixing bacteria and leguminose plant speciesVan Cauwenberghe, Jannick
Feb-2013 Development of an international research agenda for adult congenital heart disease nursingGoossens, Eva; Fleck, Desiree; Canobbio, Mary M.; Harrison, Jeanine L.; Moons, Philip; on behalf of the International Society of Adult Congenital Heart DIsease (ISACHD) Nursing Network
Feb-2013 Important variations in the content of care pathway documents for total knee arthroplasty may lead to quality and patient safety problemsSegal, Olivier; Bellemans, Johan; Van Gerven, Eva; Deneckere, Svin; Panella, Max; Sermeus, Walter; Vanhaecht, Kris
Feb-2013 k-Pattern set mining under constraintsGuns, Tias; Nijssen, Siegfried; De Raedt, Luc
Feb-2013 The Multiconstraint Team Orienteering Problem with Multiple Time WindowsSouffriau, Wouter; Vansteenwegen, Pieter; Vanden Berghe, Greet; Van Oudheusden, Dirk
Feb-2013 Construction of normalized B-splines for a family of smooth spline spaces over Powell-Sabin triangulationsSpeleers, Hendrik
Feb-2013 Effective strategies for nurse retention in acute hospitals: A mixed method studyVan den Heede, Koen; Florquin, Mieke; Bruyneel, Luk; Aiken, Linda; Diya, Luwis; Lesaffre, Emmanuel; Sermeus, Walter
Feb-2013 Managing identity in early-stage dementia: maintaining a sense of being valuedSteeman, Els; Tournoy, Jos; Grypdonck, Mieke; Godderis, Jan; Dierckx de Casterlé, Bernadette
Feb-2013 Supporting Self-Management of Pain in Cancer Patients: Methods and Lessons Learned from a Randomized Controlled Pilot StudyKoller, A; Miaskowski, C; De Geest, Sabina; Opitz, 0; Spichiger, E
Feb-2013 Variation in 17 obstetric care pathways: potential danger for health professionals and patient safety?Sarrechia, Mirella; Van Gerven, Eva; Hermans, Lien; Deneckere, Svin; Sermeus, Walter; Panella, Max; Spitz, Bernard; Vanhaecht, Kris
Feb-2013 A new evaluation of the upper esophageal sphincter using the functional lumen imaging probe: a preliminary reportRegan, J; Walshe, M; Rommel, Nathalie; McMahon, B P
Feb-2013 Recurrence coefficients of generalized Charlier polynomials and the fifth Painlevé equationFilipuk, Galina; Van Assche, Walter
Feb-2013 Modified atmosphere packaging of tofu: Headspace gas profiles and microflora during storageVan Campenhout, Leen; Maes, Peggy; Claes, Johan
Feb-2013 An algorithm for computing the eigenvalues of block companion matricesFrederix, Katrijn; Delvaux, Steven; Van Barel, Marc
Feb-2013 Task cards: Design and use in the reciprocal style of teachingIserbyt, Peter; Byra, Mark
Feb-2013 Belgian consumers’ opinion on pork consumption concerning alternatives for unanesthetized piglet castrationVan Beirendonck, Sanne; Driessen, Bert; Geers, Rony
Feb-2013 Tauroursodeoxycholic acid suppresses amyloid β-induced synaptic toxicity in vitro and in APP/PS1 miceRamalho, Rita M; Nunes, Ana F; Dias, Raquel B; Amaral, Joana D; Lo, Adrian; D'Hooge, Rudi; Sebastião, Ana M; Rodrigues, Cecilia M P
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