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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Jan-2013 Technische Fiche Verlichting: ColorimetrieLeloup, Frédéric; Hanselaer, Peter
Jan-2013 Editorial special issue: Multiscale simulation of heterogeneous materials and coupling of thermodynamic modelsMoelans, Nele; Samaey, Giovanni
Jan-2013 An impaired health related muscular fitness contributes to a reduced walking capacity in patients with schizophrenia: a cross-sectional studyVancampfort, Davy; Probst, Michel; De Herdt, Amber; Corredeira, RMN; Carraro, A; De Wachter, Dirk; De Hert, Marc
Jan-2013 Examining the school learning environment and policy on teaching and the implications for achieving quality in primary educationCreemers, Bert; Holtappels, Heinz Günther; Hauptman, Alenka; Smyth, Emer; Vanlaar, Gudrun
Jan-2013 The impact of quantity and quality of teaching on student achievementKyriakides, Leonidas; Panayiotou, Anastasia; McMahon, Léan; Zupanc, Darko; Vanlaar, Gudrun; Scharenberg, Katja; Rekalidou, Galini
Jan-2013 Class practices that improve math learning in high-risk studentsVanlaar, Gudrun; Vandecandelaere, Machteld; Van Damme, Jan; Depaepe, Fien; De Fraine, Bieke
Jan-2013 Letter: detection of infliximab levels and anti-infliximab antibodies - comparison of three different assays; authors' replyBuurman, D J; Vande Casteele, Niels; Sturkenboom, M G G; Kleibeuker, J H; Vermeire, Severine; van der Kleij, D; Rispens, T; Gils, Ann; Dijkstra, G
Jan-2013 Graft-related complications and biaxial tensiometry following experimental vaginal implantation of flat mesh of variable dimensionsManodoro, S; Endo, M; Uvin, Pieter; Albersen, Maarten; Vláčil, J; Engels, Alexander; Schmidt, Bela; De Ridder, D; Feola, Andrew; Deprest, Jan
Jan-2013 New measures of upper esophageal sphincter distensibility and opening patterns during swallowing in healthy subjects using EndoFLIP®Regan, J; Walshe, M; Rommel, Nathalie; Tack, Jan; McMahon, B P
Jan-2013 The effects of homogeneous parental voting intentions on children’s voting intentions and intended political engagement: An analysis of 15-year old adolescents and their parents in BelgiumBoonen, Joris
Jan-2013 Reasoning rats and clever kids: The role of reasoning in human and animal causal learningBeckers, Tom
Jan-2013 Delimited continuations in Prolog: Semantics, use and implementation in the WAMSchrijvers, Tom; Demoen, Bart; Desouter, Benoit
Jan-2013 PAR1 contributes to influenza A virus pathogenicity in miceKhoufache, Khaled; Berri, Fatma; Nacken, Wolfgang; Vogel, Annette B; Delenne, Marie; Camerer, Eric; Coughlin, Shaun R; Carmeliet, Peter; Lina, Bruno; Rimmelzwaan, Guus F; Planz, Oliver; Ludwig, Stephan; Riteau, Béatrice
Jan-2013 Interfacial behaviour of crayfish protein isolateRomero, Alberto; Verwijlen, Tom; Guerrero, Antonio; Vermant, Jan
Jan-2013 A novel role of BMP4 in adult hematopoietic stem and progenitor cell homing via Smad independent regulation of integrin-α4 expressionKhurana, Satish; Buckley, S; Schouteden, S; Ekker; Petryck, A; Delforge, Michel; Zwijsen, An; Verfaillie, Catherine
Jan-2013 The EuroGentest Clinical Utility Gene Cards continuedDierking, Anna; Schmidtke, Jörg; Matthijs, Gert; Cassiman, Jean-Jacques
Jan-2013 β-arrestin 2 regulates Aβ generation and γ-secretase activity in Alzheimer's diseaseThathiah, Amantha; Horré, Katrien; Snellinx, An; Vandewyer, Elke; Huang, Yunhong; Ciesielska, Marta; De Kloe, Gerdien; Munck, Sebastian; De Strooper, Bart
Jan-2013 Structural basis of ligand recognition in 5-HT(3) receptorsKesters, Divya; Thompson, Andrew J; Brams, Marijke; van Elk, René; Spurny, Radovan; Geitmann, Matthis; Villalgordo, Jose M; Guskov, Albert; Helena Danielson, U; Lummis, Sarah C R; Smit, August B; Ulens, Chris
Jan-2013 Panitumumab and Pegylated Liposomal Doxorubicin in Platinum-Resistant Epithelial Ovarian Cancer With KRAS Wild-Type: The PaLiDo Study, a Phase II Nonrandomized Multicenter StudySteffensen, Karina Dahl; Waldstrøm, Marianne; Pallisgård, Niels; Lund, Bente; Bergfeldt, Kjell; Wihl, Jessica; Keldsen, Nina; Marth, Christian; Vergote, Ignace; Jakobsen, Anders
Jan-2013 Generic atorvastatin, the Belgian statin market and the cost-effectiveness of statin therapySimoens, Steven; Sinnaeve, Peter
Jan-2013 Incorporation of stromal cell-derived factor-1α in PCL/gelatin electrospun membranes for guided bone regenerationJi, Wei; Yang, Fang; Ma, Jinling; Bouma, Margaretha J; Boerman, Otto C; Chen, Zhi; van den Beucken, Jeroen J J P; Jansen, John A
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