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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Methods and means for digital analysis of classical and medieval texts and manuscriptsAndrews, Tara (editor); Macé, Caroline (editor)
2013 Testing for homogeneity of multivariate dispersions using dissimilarity measuresGijbels, Irène; Omelka, Marek
2013 Functionarissen voor het dierenwelzijn: handboekBulens, Anneleen; Van Beirendonck, Sanne; Van Thielen, Jos; Driessen, Bert
2013 Modelling Of Aerodynamic Loads On Flexible Bodies For Ground Loads AnalysisLemmens, Yves; Olbrechts, T.; Verhoogen, Jonas; Naets, Frank; Vandepitte, Dirk; Desmet, Wim
2013 The distributional impact of housing subsidies in FlandersHeylen, Kristof
2013 The influence of zoo visitor numbers on the behaviour of Harbour seals (Phoca vitulina)Stevens, Jeroen; Thyssen, Anya; Laevens, Hans; Vervaecke, Hilde
2013 Thils, Gustave (1909-2000)Bosschaert, Dries; Bautz, T. (othereditor)
2013 Der Harmoniumflügel: Vorschläge zur Rekonstruktion des PedalsVerdin, Joris; Biba, Otto (othereditor)
2013 The Mustel Organ and so called "Salon Music" in France around 1850Verdin, Joris
2013 The PoïkilorgueVerdin, Joris
2013 The influence of mothers’ and fathers’ parenting stress and depressive symptoms on own and partner’s parent–child communicationPonnet, Koen; Wouters, Edwin; Mortelmans, Dimitri; Pasteels, Inge; De Backer, Charlotte; Van Leeuwen, Karla; Van Hiel, Alain
2013 Constraint propagation for first-order logic and inductive definitionsWittocx, Johan; Denecker, Marc; Bruynooghe, Maurice
2013 The Mahillon Oboe d'Amore as used in Bach's Matthew's Passion by GevaertVerdin, Joris; Verdegem, Stefaan (editor)
2013 Un dimanche pas comme les autresVerdin, Joris
2013 A meta-analysis of the effects of plant traits and geographical scale on the magnitude of adaptive differentiation as measured by the difference between QST and FSTDe Kort, Hanne; Vandepitte, Katrien; Honnay, Olivier
2013 Cued reacquisition trials during extinction weaken contextual renewal in human predictive learningEffting, M.; Vervliet, Bram; Beckers, Tom; Kindt, M.
2013 Pre-trauma individual differences in extinction learning predict posttraumatic stressLommen, M. J. J; Engelhard, I. M; Sijbrandij, M; van den Hout, M. A; Hermans, Dirk
2013 EU-Japan Relations, 1970-2012: From Confrontation to Global PartnershipVanoverbeke, Dimitri (editor); Keck, Joern (editor); Waldenberger, Franz (editor)
2013 Dynamics in the Europe-Japan RelationVanoverbeke, Dimitri
2013 Sexualization of adolescent boys: Media exposure and boys’ internalization of appearance ideals, self-objectification and body surveillanceVandenbosch, Laura; Eggermont, Steven
2013 Des évènements aux faits: quelles différences? Apport des études sur la grammaticalisationCharolles, M.; Lamiroy, Béatrice; Londei, D. (othereditor); Moirant, S. (othereditor); Reboul-Touré, S. (othereditor); Regiani, L. (othereditor)
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