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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2014 Logic and Probabilistic Update (forthcoming)Demey, Lorenz; Kooi, Barteld; Baltag, Alexandru (othereditor); Smets, Sonja (othereditor)
2014 Democratic Global governance and the emergence of the G20Crombez, Christophe; Wouters, Jan (othereditor); Braeckman, Antoon (othereditor); Lievens, Matthias (othereditor); Bécault, Emilie (othereditor)
2014 Peccatum and Gratia in Augustine’s Anti-Donatist Sermones ad Populum. Attested Presence and Specific Treatment of Two Key Concepts of Augustine’s Anti-Pelagian DoctrineDupont, Anthony; Dupont, Anthony (othereditor); Gaumer, Matthew (othereditor); Lamberigts, Mathijs (othereditor)
2014 The Uniquely African Controversy: Interdisciplinary Studies on Donatist ChristianityDe Maeyer, Nicolas (other); Dupont, Anthony (editor); Gaumer, Matthew (editor); Lamberigts, Mathijs (editor)
2014 Art. anatolèKabergs, Valérie; Bons, Eberhard (othereditor); Joosten, Jan (othereditor)
2014 Attentional networks in boys with ADHD or autism spectrum disorder and the relationship with effortful controlSamyn, Vicky; Roeyers, Herbert; Bijttebier, Patricia; Wiersema, Jan Roel
2014 Media as Technologies of Enchantment. Initial Comparisons of Pentecostal and Kimbanguist Media PedagogiesPype, Katrien; Mbokolo, Elikya (othereditor); Sabakinu, Kivilu (othereditor)
2014 Early life conditions, partnership histories, and mortality risk for Swedish men and women born 1915-1929Donrovich, Robyn Nicole; Drefahl, Sven; Koupil, Ilona
2014 Lo statuto della causa formale. Aspetti della recezione di Senofane in Aristotele (forthcoming)Gili, Luca; Rossetti, Livio (othereditor); Giombini, Stefania (othereditor); Rossetti, Livio (series)
2014 "Primitive simplicity and goodheartedness": Hendrik Conscience en het Victoriaanse gewetenVerschueren, Walter
2014 “Celebrating the Orient”: the Ottomans in printings and public festivities of the Habsburg NetherlandsVan Waelderen, Dirk; Holm, Bent (othereditor); Bøgh Rasmussen, Mikael (othereditor)
2014 Prevalence and predictors of text-based and visually explicit cybersex among adolescentsBeyens, Ine; Eggermont, Steven
2014 The Mobility of Religion: Settling Jainism and Hinduism in the Belgian Public SphereRoos, Hannelore; Gallo, Ester (othereditor)
2014 Positioning Research and Design in Academia and Practice. a Contribution to a Continuing Debatevan de Weijer, Marijn; Van Cleempoel, Koenraad; Heynen, Hilde
2014 Traduire au XIVe siècle: Evrart de Conty et la vie intellectuelle à la cour de Charles VDucos, Joëlle (editor); Goyens, Michèle (editor)
2014 Evrart de Conty et ses contemporains: polyphonie d'un discours encyclopédiqueGuichard-Tesson, Françoise; Goyens, Michèle; Ducos, Joëlle (othereditor); Goyens, Michèle (othereditor)
2014 The impact of illustrations and warnings on solving mathematical word problems realisticallyDewolf, Tinne; Van Dooren, Wim; Ev Cimen, Emre; Verschaffel, Lieven
2014 Censorship at the university of Leuven in the sixteenth centuryGielis, Gert; Soen, Violet (othereditor); Vanysacker, Dries (othereditor)
2014 An overview of the domestication and impact of the Salmonella mobilomeMebrhatu, Mehari; Cenens, William; Aertsen, Abram
2014 Les marqueurs de discours 'en fait', 'de fait', 'en effet' et 'en réalité' et leurs equivalents néerlandais: indices de grammaticalisationLamiroy, Béatrice; Vanderbauwhede, Gudrun; Vigier, Denis (othereditor); Sarda, Laure (othereditor); Combettes, Bernard (othereditor)
2014 Theologie als geloofsvertolking. Historische en theologische reflecties over het proefschrift van Piet Schoonenberg (1948)Mettepenningen, Jürgen (editor); Kenis, Leo (editor)
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