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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2015 Philosophy and the Biology of Male Homosexuality (forthcoming)Lemeire, Olivier; De Block, Andreas
2015 The rise of the evidential readings of the Catalan periphrasis <deure + infinitive>Sentí, Andreu; Cornillie, Bert; Garachana, Mar (othereditor); Montserrat, Sandra (othereditor); Pusch, Claus D. (othereditor)
2015 The diachrony of subjective amenazar ‘threaten’. On Latin-induced grammaticalization in Spanish.Cornillie, Bert; Octavio de Toledo y Huerta, Álvaro; Smith, Andrew D.M. (othereditor); Trousdale, Graeme (othereditor); Waltereit, Richard (othereditor)
2015 Ways of encoding attention to the interlocutor in contemporary spoken SpanishCornillie, Bert; De Cock, Barbara
2015 Acerca de la locución epistémica tal vez en el siglo de las Luces: innovación y especializaciónCornillie, Bert; Guzmán, Marta (othereditor); Sáez, Daniel (othereditor)
2015 Timotheos von KonstantinopelLevrie, Katrien; Grünbart, Michael (othereditor); Riehle, Alexander (othereditor)
2015 Capita-literature in ByzantiumDe Ridder, Eva; Levrie, Katrien; Ceulemans, Reinhart (othereditor); De Leemans, Pieter (othereditor)
2015 Évrart de Conty et l'expositeur des Problemata: à la recherche des sources latines (forthcoming)De Leemans, Pieter; Guichard-Tesson, Françoise; Goyens, Michèle (othereditor); Ducos, Joëlle (othereditor)
2015 Sulla tipicità delle costruzioni presentative per l'italiano neostandardMarzo, Stefania; Crocco, Claudia
2015 Platonic Forms and the Triad of Being, Life and Intellect (forthcoming)d'Hoine, Pieter; d'Hoine, Pieter (othereditor); Martijn, Marije (othereditor)
2015 A Note on Croaking Frogs: Plu. Q.N. 2.912CMeeusen, Michiel
2015 Futurism: A MicrohistoryBru, Sascha (editor); Somigli, Luca (editor); Van Den Bossche, Bart (editor)
2015 The social function of English in weak contact situations: Ingroup and outgroup marking in the Dutch reality TV show “Expeditie Robinson”Zenner, Eline; Van De Mieroop, Dorien
2015 Satyros de CallatisSchorn, Stefan; Goulet, Richard (othereditor)
2015 The Catholic Church and the Vernacular Bible in the Low Countries: A Paradigm Shift in the 1550s?François, Wim; Corbellini, Sabrina (othereditor); Hoogvliet, Margriet (othereditor); Ramakers, Bart (othereditor)
2015 Working towards integrated community care for older people: Empowering organisational features from a professional perspectiveJanssen, B.; Van Regenmortel, Tine; Abma, T.
2015 Peccatum and Gratia in Augustine’s Anti-Donatist Sermones ad Populum. Attested Presence and Specific Treatment of Two Key Concepts of Augustine’s Anti-Pelagian DoctrineDupont, Anthony; Dupont, Anthony (othereditor); Gaumer, Matthew (othereditor); Lamberigts, Mathijs (othereditor)
2015 The Uniquely African Controversy: Interdisciplinary Studies on Donatist ChristianityDe Maeyer, Nicolas (other); Dupont, Anthony (editor); Gaumer, Matthew (editor); Lamberigts, Mathijs (editor)
2015 Les marqueurs de discours 'en fait', 'de fait', 'en effet' et 'en réalité' et leurs equivalents néerlandais: indices de grammaticalisationLamiroy, Béatrice; Vanderbauwhede, Gudrun; Vigier, Denis (othereditor); Sarda, Laure (othereditor); Combettes, Bernard (othereditor)
2015 Juries in the Japanese Legal System: The Continuing Struggle for Citizen Participation and DemocracyVanoverbeke, Dimitri
2015 De Vorstermanbijbel van 1528 en later: naar een katholieke bijbelFrançois, Wim; Gillaerts, Paul (othereditor); Bloemen, Henri (othereditor); Desplenter, Youri (othereditor); François, Wim (othereditor); den Hollander, August (othereditor)
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