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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Dec-2013 CRI2012: A proposal for updating the CIE Colour Rendering IndexSmet, Kevin; Schanda, Janos; Whitehead, Lorne; Luo, Ronnier M.
Dec-2013 Obesity in pregnancy: Altered onset and progression of labourBogaerts, Annick; Witters, Ingrid; Van den Bergh, Bea; Jans, Goele; Devlieger, Roland
Dec-2013 A polynomial-time maximum common subgraph algorithm for outerplanar graphs and its application to chemoinformaticsSchietgat, Leander; Ramon, Jan; Bruynooghe, Maurice
Dec-2013 Physical activity and sedentary behaviour in outpatients with schizophrenia: a systematic review and meta-analysisSoundy, A.; Wampers, Martien; Probst, Michel; De Hert, Marc; Stubbs, B; Vancampfort, Davy
Dec-2013 Where to Do Things with Words. Circulating Books, Decorating Rooms and Locating Modern ReadingDe Bruyn, Ben
Dec-2013 Architecture and Chiasmus. The resonance of LandscapePombo, Fatima
Dec-2013 Chasing map plasticity in neuropathic pain: Case reportDe Ridder, Dirk; Vanneste, Sven; Van Laere, Koen; Menovsky, Tomas
Dec-2013 Diffusion tensor MRI of chemotherapy-induced cognitive impairment in non-CNS cancer patients: a reviewDeprez, Sabine; Billiet, Thibo; Sunaert, Stefan; Leemans, Alexander
Dec-2013 Vreemdetalenkennis in Vlaanderen: Verdere verkenning van het ESLC-onderzoekDenies, Katrijn; Declercq, Karolien; Magnus, Ilse; Arkens, Thomas; Gielen, Sarah; Heyvaert, Liesbet; Desmet, Piet; Janssen, Rianne
Dec-2013 The Kipushi Cu–Zn deposit (DR Congo) and its host rocks: A petrographical, stable isotope (O, C) and radiogenic isotope (Sr, Nd) studyVan Wilderode, Jorik; Heijlen, W; De Muynck, David; Schneider, Jens; Vanhaecke, F; Muchez, Philippe
Dec-2013 Uniformly defining valuation rings in Henselian valued fields with finite or pseudo-finite residue fieldsCluckers, Raf; Derakhshan, J.; Leenknegt, Eva; Macintyre, A.
Dec-2013 Identification of the full anisotropic flow resistivity tensor for multiple glass wool and Melamine foam samplesVan der Kelen, Christophe; Göransson, Peter
Dec-2013 Business and human rights governance and democratic legitimacy: the UN "Protect, Respect and Remedy" FrameworkBijlmakers, Stephanie
Dec-2013 Health risk behaviors in adolescents and emerging adults with congenital heart disease: Psychometric properties of the Health Behavior Scale-CHDGoossens, Eva; Luyckx, Koen; Mommen, Nele; Gewillig, Marc; Budts, Werner; Zupancic, Nele; Moons, Philip
Dec-2013 Non-intersecting squared Bessel paths at a hard-edge tacnodeDelvaux, Steven
Dec-2013 POLYPHENOLS CAN INHIBIT FURIN IN-VITRO AS A RESULT OF THE REACTIVITY OF THEIR AUTO-OXIDATION PRODUCTS TO PROTEINSZhu, Jingjing; Van de Ven, Wim; Verbiest, Thierry; Koeckelberghs, Guy; Chen, Chao; Cui, Yali; Vermorken, Alphons
Dec-2013 Exercise for blood pressure: a systematic review and meta-analysisCornelissen, Véronique; Smart, Neil
Dec-2013 Do genetic factors contribute to the relation between education and metabolic risk factors in young adults? A twin studyVermeiren, Angelique P A; Bosma, Hans; Gielen, M; Lindsey, Patrick J; Derom, Cathérine; Vlietinck, Robert; Loos, Ruth; Zeegers, Maurice P
Dec-2013 Experiences from Employees with Team Learning: A Systematic Review of Qualitative EvidenceHannes, Karin; Raes, Elisabeth; Vangenechten, Katrien; Heyvaert, Mieke; Dochy, Filip
Dec-2013 L'observance thérapeutique des traitements chroniques: problématique pour les patients belges aussi!Liekens, Sophie; Mémoire de fin d'études-groupe observance thérapeutique; Hulshagen, Leen; Dethier, Marleen; Laekeman, Gert; Foulon, Veerle
Dec-2013 Prins Albert op verkenning in Noord-Amerika (1898). Het merkwaardige reisdagboek van een toekomstig Belgisch staatshoofdLuyckx, Joost
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