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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 "I might get your heart racing in my skin-tight jeans": Sexualization on music entertainment televisionVandenbosch, Laura; Vervloessem, Dorien; Eggermont, Steven
2013 Stayin' Alive. Christoph Marthalers Riesenbutzbach. Eine Dauerkolonie als post-melodramatisches ‚Spiel vor Traurigen‘Philipsen, Bart; Eschkötter, Daniel (othereditor); Menke, Bettine (othereditor); Schäfer, Armine (othereditor)
2013 Active trace clustering for improved process discoveryDe Weerdt, Jochen; vanden Broucke, Seppe; Vanthienen, Jan; Baesens, Bart
2013 Goodness-of-fit tests for the frailty distribution in proportional hazards models with shared frailtyGeerdens, Candida; Claeskens, Gerda; Janssen, Paul
2013 The accessibility arc upgrading problemMaya Duque, P.; Coene, Sofie; Goos, Peter; Sörensen, K.; Spieksma, Frits
2013 A war on metaphysics. Positivism and the radicalization of Dutch modernismWils, Kaat; Kenis, Leo (othereditor); Van der Wall, Ernestine (othereditor)
2013 From Superno Dei Nutu to Regimini Ecclesiae. The Secretariat for Christian Unity and the 1968 Reform of the Roman CuriaSchelkens, Karim; Regoli, Roberto (othereditor); van Geest, Paul (othereditor)
2013 De l'inventaire à la vie. Quelques réflexions préparatoires à une biographie du Cardinal WillebrandsSchelkens, Karim; Declerck, Leo (othereditor)
2013 Combination of laccase and catalase in construction of H2O2-O-2 based biocathode for applications in glucose biofuel cellsAmmam, Malika; Fransaer, Jan
2013 Teaching integer programming starting from an energy supply gameBelien, Jeroen; Colpaert, Jan; De Boeck, Liesje; Eyckmans, Johan; Leirens, W.
2013 Optimizing the facility location design of organ transplant centersBelien, Jeroen; De Boeck, Liesje; Colpaert, Jan; Devesse, Stijn; Van den Bossche, Filip
2013 The best time to invest in photovoltaic panels in FlandersBelien, Jeroen; De Boeck, Liesje; Colpaert, Jan; Cooman, Gert
2013 Integrated staffing and scheduling for an aircraft line maintenance problemBelien, Jeroen; Demeulemeester, Erik; De Bruecker, Philippe; Van den Bergh, Jorne; Cardoen, Brecht
2013 Personnel scheduling: a literature reviewVan den Bergh, Jorne; Belien, Jeroen; De Bruecker, Philippe; Demeulemeester, Erik; De Boeck, Liesje
2013 Europeanisering en de betrokkenheid van werknemers. Is er nog ruimte voor een sociaal Europa?Pulignano, Valeria; Kluge, Norbert; Dekocker, Vickie
2013 A three-stage approach for aircraft line maintenance personnel rostering using MIP, discrete event simulation and DEAVan den Bergh, Jorne; De Bruecker, Philippe; Belien, Jeroen; De Boeck, Liesje; Demeulemeester, Erik
2013 A systematic review of sperm donors: demographic characteristics, attitudes, motives and experiences of the process of sperm donationVan den Broeck, Uschi; Vandermeeren, M; Vanderschueren, Dirk; Enzlin, Paul; Demyttenaere, Koen; D'Hooghe, Thomas
2013 Performance of evidence-based youth psychotherapies compared to usual clinical care: A multi-level meta-analysisWeisz, J.R.; Kuppens, Sofie; Eckshtain, D.; Ugueto, A.; Jensen-Doss, A.; Hawley, K.M.
2013 Contributions of covariance: Decomposing the components of stochastic population growth in Cypripedium calceolusDavison, R; Nicolé, F; Jacquemyn, Hans; Tuljapurkar, S
2013 Acinetobacter nectaris sp nov and Acinetobacter boissieri sp nov., isolated from floral nectar of wild Mediterranean insect-pollinated plantsAlvarez-Perez, Sergio; Lievens, Bart; Jacquemyn, Hans; Herrera, Carlos M.
2013 The problem of Normativity in the Scope of the Mordern State of the Development of Literary LanguagesSoldatjenkova, Tatjana
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