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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
15-May-2013 Referee to Ellen DebackereGoddeeris, Idesbald
15-May-2013 Chair Seminar 'India-EU Cooperation & Development Policy'Goddeeris, Idesbald
15-May-2013 Sparkling or still? Flemish native and non-native signers from 3 generations and the productive lexiconVermeerbergen, Myriam; Van Herreweghe, Mieke
15-May-2013 ´╗┐Het bijwoord/voegwoord “nu”Smessaert, Hans
15-May-2013 Health-related quality of life of patients with advanced breast cancer treated with everolimus plus exemestane versus placebo plus exemestane in the phase 3, randomized, controlled, BOLERO-2 trialBurris, Howard A; Lebrun, Fabienne; Rugo, Hope S; Beck, J Thaddeus; Piccart, Martine; Neven, Patrick; Baselga, Jose; Petrakova, Katarina; Hortobagyi, Gabriel N; Komorowski, Anna; Chouinard, Edmond; Young, Robyn; Gnant, Michael; Pritchard, Kathleen I; Bennett, Lee; Ricci, Jean-Francois; Bauly, Hounayda; Taran, Tetiana; Sahmoud, Tarek; Noguchi, Shinzaburo; ...
15-May-2013 Mitochondrial gene trees support persistence of cold tolerant fairy shrimp throughout the Pleistocene glaciations in both southern and more northerly refugiaReniers, Jane; Vanschoenwinkel, Bram; Rabet, Nicolas; Brendonck, Luc
15-May-2013 Het analyseren en versterken van de identiteit van katholieke scholenPollefeyt, Didier
15-May-2013 Electrospinning: production of fibers due the presence of small amounts of high molecular weight polymer in polydisperse and low concentration solutionsReddy, Naveen Krishna; Palangetic, Ljiljana; Srinivasan, Siddarth; Cohen, Robert E; McKinley, Gareth H; Clasen, Christian
15-May-2013 Synthesis and structural exploration of disulfide bridged [2n] pillararene type moleculesSonawane, Mahendra Punjaji; Jacobs, Jeroen; Dehaen, Wim; Thomas, Joice; Van Meervelt, Luc
15-May-2013 The hybrid Four-CBS-Domain KINβγ subunit functions as the canonical γ subunit of the plant energy sensor SnRK1Ramon, Matthew; Ruelens, Philip; Li, Yi; Sheen, Jen; Geuten, Koen; Rolland, Filip
15-May-2013 Une introduction à la microsimulation dans les sciences socialesDekkers, Gijs
15-May-2013 Evaluating arts education: towards evidence-based policy or just drowning in numbers?Vermeersch, Lode
15-May-2013 A mixture IRT growth model for longitudinal data from e-learning environmentsKadengye, Damazo Twebaze; Ceulemans, Eva; Van Den Noortgate, Wim
15-May-2013 Kwaliteitsonderwijs draagt zorg voor de zielVan Coillie, Geert
15-May-2013 God laat ons niet losFranco, Stefaan
15-May-2013 Clusterwise and switching component models for modeling between- and within-block structural differences in multivariate multiblock dataDe Roover, Kim; Ceulemans, Eva (supervisor); Onghena, Patrick (cosupervisor); Timmerman, Marieke (cosupervisor)
15-May-2013 BIOMECHANICAL CHARACTERIZATION OF BICYCLE ACCIDENTS RELATED HEAD INJURIESMonea, Aida-Georgeta; Depreitere, Bart (supervisor); Goffin, Jan (cosupervisor); Van der Perre, Georges (cosupervisor)
15-May-2013 Influence of Magnetic Design Choices on the Quality Factor of Off-the-Shelf Wireless Power Transmitter and Receiver CoilsWielandt, Stijn; Stevens, Nobby
15-May-2013 Mechanisms in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis: from genetic linkage to novel insightsStaats, Kimberly; Van Den Bosch, Ludo (supervisor); Robberecht, Wim (cosupervisor)
15-May-2013 Optimal Motion Control of Mechatronic Systems: Contributions to Iterative Learning Control and Efficient Trajectory Optimization (Optimale bewegingscontrole voor mechatronische systemen: bijdragen tot iteratief lerende controle en efficiënte trajectoptimalisatie)Janssens, Pieter; Swevers, Jan (supervisor); Pipeleers, Goele (cosupervisor)
15-May-2013 Influence of sodium gluconate on cement paste viscosityLesage, Karel; Cizer, Özlem; Vandewalle, Lucie; Desmet, Bram; Deschutter, Geert; Vantomme, John
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