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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
30-Jan-2013 Physiological and genetic responses of the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-degrading Sphingomonas sp. LH128 to abiotic stressesFida, Tekle Tafese; Springael, Dirk (supervisor)
30-Jan-2013 Modeling a Two-phase Microchannel Electronics Cooling System (Modellering van een tweefasen microkanaal elektronica koelsysteem)Saenen, Tom; Baelmans, Martine (supervisor)
29-Jan-2013 Abbildung, Intention, Konstruktion und Metapher: zur Erschaffung von 'Welt' in digitalen ModellenGradmann, Stefan
29-Jan-2013 EDM+ und DM2E: zum heuristischen Potential des Europeana Data ModelGradmann, Stefan; Hennicke, S.; Iwanowa, J.; Dröge, Dröge
29-Jan-2013 Micro‚Äźorganism samplingMuys, Bart; Malchair, Sandrine; Carnol, Monique; De Wandeler, Hans
29-Jan-2013 Humus form description and sampling field protocolMuys, Bart; De Wandeler, Hans
29-Jan-2013 Earthworm samplingMuys, Bart; Ampoorter, Evy; Hermy, Martin; Valckx, Jan; De Wandeler, Hans
29-Jan-2013 Understanding and Improving the External Survey Environment of Official StatisticsLorenc, Boris; Loosveldt, Geert; Mulry, Mary H.; Wrighte, Duncan
29-Jan-2013 Vooruitzichten van de academische wereldVan Audenhove, Chantal
29-Jan-2013 The mis-wired language network in autism spectrum disorderVerly, Marjolein; Sunaert, Stefan; Rommel, Nathalie
29-Jan-2013 COGNIMUND (ERC 2010-2015) Ethics Review ReportDe Tavernier, Johan
28-Jan-2013 Thou Shall not Compare: Comparison Neglect in LaypeopleHoorens, Vera
28-Jan-2013 Structure and symmetries of the weak interaction in nuclear beta decaySeverijns, Nathal; Naviliat-Cuncic, O
28-Jan-2013 Inhibition of Sglt2-mediated streptozotocin uptake reduces direct renal toxicity in a mouse model for diabetic nephropathyBrouwers, Bas; Pruniau, Vincent; Schuit, Frans; Lerut, Evelyne; Ectors, Nadine; Declercq, Jeroen; Creemers, John
28-Jan-2013 UV-vis spectroscopy of the coupling products of the palladium-catalyzed C-H arylation of the BODIPY coreWang, Lina; Verbelen, Bram; Tonnelé, Claire; Beljonne, David; Lazzaroni, Roberto; Leen, Volker; Dehaen, Wim; Boens, Noël
28-Jan-2013 The shift minimisation personnel task scheduling problem: a new hybrid approach and computational insightsSmet, Pieter; Wauters, Tony; Mihaylov, Mihail; Vanden Berghe, Greet
28-Jan-2013 Characteristics of educational systems. How they influence outcomes in the short and the long runLavrijsen, Jeroen
28-Jan-2013 Structures and Optical Properties of Some Coinage Metal Clusters Dispersed in Inorganic EnvironmentsNgo, Tuan Cuong; Nguyen, Minh Tho (supervisor)
28-Jan-2013 Brittle tectonics in the Lufilian fold-and-thrust belt and its foreland. An insight into the stress field record in relation to moving plates (Katanga, DRC)Kipata Mwabanwa, Louis; Sintubin, Manuel (supervisor); Delvaux, Damien (cosupervisor)
28-Jan-2013 La traduction comme transfert de capital culturel dans la Roumanie postcommuniste. Approche sociologiqueTiron, Irina; Meylaerts, Reine (supervisor); Muresanu, Marina (supervisor)
28-Jan-2013 Mechanical behaviour of self compacting concrete at young agesLesage, Karel; Nullens, Sofie; Vandewalle, Lucie; Van Itterbeeck, Petra
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