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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
May-2013 A Clinical Measurement to Quantify Spasticity in Children with Cerebral Palsy by Integration of Multidimensional SignalsBar-On, Lynn; Aertbeliën, Erwin; Wambacq, Hans; Severijns, Deborah; Bernard, Dan; Bruyninckx, Herman; Jaspers, Ellen; Lambrecht, Kim; Huenaerts, Catherine; Janssens, Luc; Van Gestel, Leen; Molenaers, Guy; Desloovere, Kaat
May-2013 Characterization of five novel endolysins from Gram-negative infecting bacteriophagesWalmagh, Maarten; Boczkowska, Barbara; Grymonprez, Barbara; Briers, Yves; Drulis-Kawa, Zuzanna; Lavigne, Rob
May-2013 A novel method for hydrophobin extraction using CO2 foam fractionation systemKhalesi, Mohammadreza; Venken, Tom; Deckers, Sylvie; Winterburn, James; Shokribousjein, Zahra; Gebruers, Kurt; Verachtert, Hubert; Delcour, Jan; Martin, Peter; Derdelinckx, Guy
May-2013 Investigation into the Long-term Metabolic Effects of Aripiprazole Adjunctive to Lithium, Valproate, or LamotrigineKemp, D.E.; De Hert, Marc; Rahman, Z.; Fyans, P.; Eudicone, J.M.; Marler, S.V.; Baker, R.A.; Forbes, R.A.; Carlson, B.X.
May-2013 Supporting involved health care professionals (second victims) following an adverse health event: a literature reviewSeys, Deborah; Scott, Susan D; Wu, Albert W; Van Gerven, Eva; Vleugels, Arthur; Euwema, Martin; Panella, Max; Conway, James; Sermeus, Walter; Vanhaecht, Kris
May-2013 Towards a custom-made whistleblowing policy. Using grid-group cultural theory to match policy measures to different styles of peer reportingLoyens, Kim
May-2013 Novel MYH11 and ACTA2 mutations reveal a role for enhanced TGFβ signaling in FTAADRenard, Marjolijn; Callewaert, Bert; Baetens, Machteld; Campens, Laurence; Macdermot, Kay; Fryns, Jean-Pierre; Bonduelle, Maryse; Dietz, Harry C; Gaspar, Isabel Mendes; Cavaco, Diogo; Stattin, Eva-Lena; Schrander-Stumpel, Constance; Coucke, Paul; Loeys, Bart; De Paepe, Anne; De Backer, Julie
May-2013 In a town like this, who is your god? On Urbanisation, Religious Change and Popular CultureLamote, Frederik
30-Apr-2013 Towards a Semantic Research Library: Digital Humanities Research, Europeana and the Linked Data ParadigmGradmann, Stefan
30-Apr-2013 Lessen uit een duister verledenAertsen, Ivo; en collega's
30-Apr-2013 Electron barrier height at CuxTe1-x/Al2O3 interfaces of conducting bridge memory stacksAfanas'ev, Valeri; De Stefano, Francesca; Houssa, Michel; Stesmans, Andre; Goux, L; Opsomer, K; Detavernier, C; Kittl, Jorge; Jurczak, M
30-Apr-2013 Dialogen Familiaal Vermogensrecht: giftenVerbeke, Alain Laurent; Barbaix, Renate
30-Apr-2013 Intimiteit en seksualiteit in woonzorgcentraMahieu, Lieslot
30-Apr-2013 Neonatal thyroid and neck surgeryVander Poorten, Vincent; Hens, Greet; Delaere, Pierre; Deprest, Jan; Naulaers, Gunnar
30-Apr-2013 Dopingdokter veroordeeld. En nu?Lagae, Wim
30-Apr-2013 Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Cocoa Butter during CrystallizationRigolle, Annelien; Descheemaeker, Jan; Hettler, Jan; Van Den Abeele, Koen; Foubert, Imogen
30-Apr-2013 Computing tensor decompositions with complex and polynomial optimizationSorber, Laurent; Van Barel, Marc; De Lathauwer, Lieven
30-Apr-2013 Discussie over ceremoniële monarchie is onwezenlijkMaddens, Bart
30-Apr-2013 Vakbond 2.0 is een multinational met een gematigde boodschap. Opiniestuk 30 april 2013Van Gyes, Guy
30-Apr-2013 Zeta functions, Bernstein-Sato polynomials, and the Monodromy ConjectureBories, Bart; Veys, Willem (supervisor)
30-Apr-2013 Predicting general academic performance using artificial neural networks: Implications for “early-warning” diagnostic and placement applicationsMusso, Mariel; Kyndt, Eva; Cascallar, Eduardo
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