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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 La teoria delle proprietà nel realismo modale di David K. LewisGili, Luca; Pozzoni, Ivan (othereditor)
2013 Regulation of tool-use within a blended course: Student differences and performance effectsLust, Griet; Elen, Jan; Clarebout, Geraldine
2013 Reconstructing Senfl's fragmentary motets: a method and two case-studiesBurn, David
2013 Current state of the empirical evidence for psychoanalysis: A meta-analytic approachde Maat, S.; De Jonghe, F.; de Kraker, R.; Leichsenring, F.; Abbass, A.; Luyten, Patrick; Barber, J.; Van, R.; Dekker, J.
2013 Welfare, labor supply and heterogeneous preferences: evidence for Europe and the USBargain, Olivier; Decoster, André; Dolls, Mathias; Neumann, Dirk; Peichl, Andreas; Siegloch, Sebastian
2013 Double serial correlation for multilevel growth curve modelsAnumendem, Dickson; Verbeke, Geert; De Fraine, Bieke; Onghena, Patrick; Van Damme, Jan
2013 Acculturation of personality: A three-culture study of Japanese, Japanese Americans, and European AmericansGüngör De Bruyn, Derya; Bornstein, Marc H.; De Leersnyder, Jozefien; Cote, Linda; Ceulemans, Eva; Mesquita, Batja
2013 An inexact perturbed path-following method for Lagrangian decomposition in large-scale separable convex optimizationTran Dinh, Quoc; Necoara, Ion; Savorgnan, Carlo; Diehl, Moritz
2013 Hannah Arendt en Kinderrechten: Het recht om niet te hoeven vechten voor je rechtenTopolski, Anya; de Graaf, J. H. (othereditor)
2013 La théologie catholique de la mystique au début du vingtième siècleDe Pril, Ward; Trémolières, François (othereditor); Losito, Giacomo (othereditor); Trémolières, François (series)
2013 Epidemiological evidence against a role for C-reactive protein causing leptin resistanceRutter, Martin Kenneth; Sattar, Naveed; Tajar, Abdeloahid; O'Neill, Terence W; Lee, David M; Bartfai, Gyorgy; Boonen, Steven; Casanueva, Felipe F; Finn, Joseph D; Forti, Gianni; Giwercman, Aleksander; Han, Thang Sieu; Huhtaniemi, Ilpo; Kula, Krzysztof; Lean, Michael; Pendleton, Neil; Punab, Margus; Silman, Alan J; Vanderschueren, Dirk; Lowe, Gordon D; ...
2013 Effects of coffee management intensity on composition, structure and regeneration status of Ethiopian moist evergreen Afromontane forestsHundera, Kitessa; Aerts, Raf; Fontaine, M; Van Mechelen, M; Gijbels, Pieter; Honnay, Olivier; Muys, Bart
2013 Personal identity in college and the work context: Developmental trajectories and psychosocial functioningLuyckx, Koen; Klimstra, Theo; Schwartz, Seth; Duriez, Bart
2013 Personal identity processes and self-esteem: Temporal processes in high school and college studentsLuyckx, Koen; Klimstra, Theo; Duriez, Bart; Van Petegem, Stijn; Beyers, Wim; Teppers, Eveline; Goossens, Luc
2013 Application of interval fields for uncertainty modeling in a geohydrological caseVerhaeghe, Wim; Desmet, Wim; Vandepitte, Dirk; Joris, Ingeborg; Seuntjens, Piet; Moens, David; Papadrakakis, Manolis (othereditor); Stefanou, George (othereditor); Papadopoulos, Vissarion (othereditor)
2013 The influence of very thick and fast mashing conditions on the wort compositionDe Rouck, Gert; Jaskula-Goiris, Barbara; De Causmaecker, Brecht; Malfliet, Sofie; Van Opstaele, Filip; De Clippeleer, Jessika; De Brabanter, Joseph; De Cooman, Luc; Aerts, Guido
2013 Characterisation of ‘Braeburn’ browning disorder by means of X-ray micro-CTHerremans, Els; Verboven, Pieter; Bongaers, Evi; Estrade, Pascal; Verlinden, Bert; Wevers, Martine; Hertog, Maarten; Nicolai, Bart
2013 Mode of antifungal action and in planta functions of plant defensins and defensin-like peptidesDe Coninck, Barbara; Cammue, Bruno; Thevissen, Karin
2013 Pleomorphic adenoma of the parotid: formal parotidectomy or limited surgeryZbären, Peter; Vander Poorten, Vincent; Witt, Robert; Woolgar, Julia; Shaha, Ashok; Triantafyllou, Asterios; Ferlito, Alfio; Path, D.; Takes, Robert; Rinaldo, Alessandra
2013 External representations for data distributions: in search of cognitive fitLem, Stephanie; Onghena, Patrick; Verschaffel, Lieven; Van Dooren, Wim
2013 Portret van een zeventiende-eeuwse schildersvrouw. Anna Schut, huisvrouw en weduwe van Peter SnayersKelchtermans, Leen
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