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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Time-Optimal Path Following for Robots with Trajectory Jerk Constraints using Sequential Convex ProgrammingDebrouwere, Frederik; Van Loock, Wannes; Pipeleers, Goele; Tran Dinh, Quoc; Diehl, Moritz; De Schutter, Joris; Swevers, Jan
2013 Assessing urbanisation effects on rainfall-runoff using a remote sensing supported modelling strategyVerbeiren, B; Van De Voorde, T; Canters, Frank; Binard, M; Cornet, Y; Batelaan, Okke
2013 Patterns in the prevalence of research-related goals in higher education programmesVerburgh, An; Schouteden, Wendy; Elen, Jan
2013 The mysteries of Egyptian Nile perch (Lates niloticus). The case of Tell Tweini (Syria, Middle Bronze Age-Iron Age)Linseele, Veerle; Van Neer, Wim; Bretschneider, Joachim; De Cupere, Bea (othereditor); Linseele, Veerle (othereditor); Hamilton-Dyer, S. (othereditor)
2013 Does innovation need reanalysis?De Smet, Hendrik; Coussé, Evie (othereditor); Von Mengden, Ferdinand (othereditor)
2013 The development of adverbial downtoners in Dutch and EnglishDe Smet, Hendrik
2013 Molecular evidence for the mixing of meat, fish and vegetables in Anglo-Saxon coarseware from Hamwic, UKBaeten, Jan; Jervis, Ben; De Vos, Dirk; Waelkens, Marc
2013 Chocolate City as a Concept and as Visible African Space of Change and DiversityPang, Ching Lin; Yuan, Ding; Zhang, J. (othereditor); Huang, Z. (othereditor)
2013 The deterrence effects of U.S. merger policy instrumentsClougherty, Joe; Seldeslachts, Jo
2013 Reappraisal of threat value: Loss of blocking in human aversive conditioningBoddez, Yannick; Baeyens, Frank; Hermans, Dirk; Beckers, Tom
2013 Criteria of validity in experimental psychopathology: application to models of anxiety and depressionVervliet, Bram; Raes, Filip
2013 The specificity of autobiographical attachment memories in early adolescence: The role of mother-child communication and attachment-related beliefsBosmans, Guy; Dujardin, Adinda; Raes, Filip; Braet, C
2013 'Dutch between English and German'. Special issue of Leuvense Bijdragen - Leuven Contributions in Linguistics and PhilologyRuigendijk, Esther (editor); Vismans, Roel (editor); Van de Velde, Freek (editor)
2013 Een kleine geschiedenis van het evolutionaire denken in de psychiatrieAdriaens, Pieter
2013 From Nuremberg to the EU Directive: access to justice and fair trial through highly qualified interpreters and translatorsVanden Bosch, Yolanda; Alen, André (othereditor); Joosten, Véronique (othereditor); Leysen, Riet (othereditor); Verrijdt, Willem (othereditor)
2013 The Pooled NBNN Kernel: Beyond Image-to-Class and Image-to-ImageRematas, Konstantinos; Fritz, Mario; Tuytelaars, Tinne
2013 Process mining for the multi-faceted analysis of business processes - A case study in a financial services organizationDe Weerdt, Jochen; Schupp, Annelies; Vanderloock, An; Baesens, Bart
2013 Speciation and Mobility of Selected Trace Metals (As, Cu, Mn, Pb and Zn) in Sediment with Depth in Cam River-Mouth, Haiphong, VietnamHo, Huu Hieu; Swennen, Rudy; Cappuyns, Valérie; Vassilieva, Elvira; Van Gerven, Tom; Van Tran, T
2013 Orality, writing and new media,Bonciarelli, Sarah; Maeder, Costantino (othereditor)
2013 Il percorso delle copertine tra letteratura middlebrow ed Avanguardie artisticheBonciarelli, Sarah; Zaganelli, Giovanna (othereditor)
2013 De vroegste toepassing van het regionale interdict in het deelbisdom Doornik (begin 12de eeuw). Een politieke straf in een kerkrechtelijk kleedKeygnaert, Frederik
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