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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Feb-2013 A Self-Aligning Parallel Plate (SAPP) fixture for tribology and high shear rheometryClasen, Christian
Feb-2013 The outcome of 9 years of consecutive patch testing with 4,4'-diaminodiphenylmethane and 4,4'-diphenylmethane diisocyanateEngfeld, Malin; Goossens, An; Isaksson, Marléne; Zimerson, Erik; Bruze, Magnus
Feb-2013 A discordant histological risk classification in preoperative and operative biopsy in endometrial cancer is reflected in metastatic risk and prognosisWerner, H M J; Trovik, J; Marcickiewicz, J; Tingulstad, S; Staff, A C; Engh, M E; Oddenes, K; Rokne, J A; Tjugum, J; Lode, M S; Amant, Frédéric; Salvesen, H B
Feb-2013 Myocardial function in children after fetal chemotherapy exposure. A tissue Doppler and myocardial deformation imaging studyMhallem Gziri, Mina; Hui, Wei; Amant, Frédéric; Van Calsteren, Kristel; Ottevanger, Nelleke; Kapusta, Livia; Mertens, Luc
Feb-2013 Pharmacological treatment of neonatal pain: in search of a new equipoiseAllegaert, Karel; Tibboel, Dick; van den Anker, John
Feb-2013 Airway inflammation in patients with chronic non-asthmatic coughGrabowski, Marcin; Seys, Sven; Decraene, Ann; Kasran, Ahmad; Dilissen, Ellen; Barg, Wojciech; Medrala, Wojciech; dupont, Lieven lj; Panaszek, Bernard; Bullens, Dominique
Feb-2013 Decreasing population selection rates of resistance mutation K65R over calendar year in HIV-1 combination therapy including tenofovirTheys, Kristof; Snoeck, Joke; Vercauteren, Jurgen; Abecasis, Ana B.; Vandamme, Annemie; Camacho, Ricardo J.
Feb-2013 Healing responses after bifurcation stenting with the dedicated TRYTON side-branch Stent(TM) in combination with XIENCE-V(TM) stents: A clinical, angiography, fractional flow reserve and optical coherence tomography study: The PYTON (Prospective evaluation of the TRYTON side-branch stent with an additional XIENCE-v everolimus-eluting stent in coronary bifurcation lesions) studyDubois, Christophe; Adriaenssens, Tom; Ughi, Giovanni Jacopo; Wiyono, Stefanus; Bennett, Johan; Coosemans, Mark; Ferdinande, Bert; Sinnaeve, Peter; D'hooge, Jan; Desmet, Walter
Feb-2013 Attachment in old age: Theoretical assumptions, empirical findings and implications for clinical practiceVan Assche, Lies; Luyten, Patrick; Bruffaerts, Ronny; Persoons, Philippe; Van de Ven, Luc; Vandenbulcke, Mathieu
Feb-2013 The placental growth factor as a target against hepatocellular carcinoma in a diethylnitrosamine induced mouse modelHeindryckx, Femke; Coulon, Stephanie; Terrie, Ellen; Casteleyn, Christophe; Stassen, Jean-Marie; Geerts, Anja; Libbrecht, Louis; Allemeersch, Joke; Carmeliet, Peter; Colle, Isabelle; Van Vlierberghe, Hans
Feb-2013 Neutrophil and eosinophil granulocytes as key players in a mouse model of chemical-induced asthmaDe Vooght, Vanessa; Smulders, Stijn; Haenen, Steven; Belmans, Jochen; Opdenakker, Ghislain; Verbeken, Erik; Nemery, Benoit; Hoet, Peter HM; Vanoirbeek, Jeroen
Feb-2013 Completion of a Truncated Attenuation Image from the Attenuated PET Emission DataNuyts, Johan; Bal, G; Kehren, F; Fenchel, M; Michel, C; Watson, C
Feb-2013 Prospective study to assess fluid accumulation and tenosynovial changes in the aromatase inhibitor-induced musculoskeletal syndrome: 2-year follow-up dataLintermans, Anneleen; Laenen, Annouschka; Van Calster, Ben; Van Hoydonck, M; Pans, S; Verhaeghe, J; Westhovens, Rene; Henry, N L; Wildiers, Hans; Paridaens, Robert; Dieudonné, Anne-Sophie; Leunen, Karin; Morales, L; Verschueren, K; Timmerman, Dirk; De Smet, L; Vergote, Ignace; Christiaens, Rose; Neven, Patrick
Feb-2013 Accuracy and awareness of perception: Related, yet distinct (commentary on Herbert et al., 2012)Ceunen, Erik; Van Diest, Ilse; Vlaeyen, Johan
Feb-2013 Sense of coherence is a determinant of future perceived health in adolescents with congenital heart diseaseApers, Silke; Luyckx, Koen; Rassart, Jessica; Goossens, Eva; Budts, Werner; Moons, Philip
Feb-2013 Amorphous silica nanoparticles promote monocyte adhesion to human endothelial cells: Size-dependent effectNapierska, Dorota; Quarck, Rozenn; Thomassen, Leen; Lison, Dominique; Martens, Johan; Delcroix, Marion; Nemery, Benoit; Hoet, Peter
Feb-2013 Das „Gesetz des Kaisers Justinian“ - Ein Beispiel für die Rezeption griechisch-römischen Rechts bei den slawischen VölkernAngelini, Paolo
Feb-2013 MeshSIFT: local surface features for 3D face recognition under expression variations and partial dataSmeets, Dirk; Keustermans, Johannes; Vandermeulen, Dirk; Suetens, Paul
Feb-2013 Transient Receptor Potentials (TRPs) and AnaphylaxisSmith, Peter K; Nilius, Bernd
Feb-2013 Time-optimal parking and flying: Solving path following problems efficientlyVan Loock, Wannes; Bellens, Steven; Pipeleers, Goele; De Schutter, Joris; Swevers, Jan
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