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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2012 Exploring Synergies between Place Branding and Agricultural Landscape Management as a Rural Development PracticeMettepenningen, Evy; Vandermeulen, Valerie; Van Huylenbroeck, Guido; Schuermans, Nick; Van Hecke, Etienne; Messely, Lies; Dessein, Joost; Bourgeois, Marie
2012 Effects of ultrasonic pre-treatment on the sludge characteristics and anaerobic digestionAppels, Lise; Houtmeyers, Sofie; Van Mechelen, Floriaan; Degrève, Jan; Van Impe, Jan; Dewil, Raf
2012 Modal options in Contracts of Carriage and Contractual Carrier LiabilityVerheyen, Wouter
2012 Raskolnikov in Poetins Rusland. Misdaad en straf als beeldromanBoulogne, Pieter
2012 Medullary thyroid cancer: prognostic factors for survival and recurrence, recommendations for the extent of lymph node dissection and for surgical therapy in recurrent diseasePilaete, K; Delaere, Pierre; Decallonne, Brigitte; Bex, Mieke; Hauben, Esther; Nuyts, Sandra; Clement, Paul; Hermans, R; Vander Poorten, Vincent
2012 Effects of ageing on attentional cost and internal models of proprioceptive control of movementBoisgontier, Matthieu; Olivier, Isabelle; Nougier, Vincent
2012 'Civis Europaeus Sum': From the Cross-border Link to the Status of Citizen of the UnionLenaerts, Koenraad; Cardonnel, Pascal (othereditor); Rosas, Allan (othereditor); Wahl, Nils (othereditor)
2012 Jip & Janneke meets Oorlog & vrede. Boris Zjitkov: Viktor VavitsjBoulogne, Pieter
2012 The Court of Justice of the European Union and the Protection of fundamental RightsLenaerts, Koenraad
2012 Remarks on the Text Tradition of De longitudine et brevitate vitae, tr. GuillelmiDe Leemans, Pieter; Glucker, John (othereditor); Burnett, Charles (othereditor); Burnett, Charles (series); Kraye, Jill (series)
2012 Old narratives adapted: Post-Napoleonic history education and its relation to the present in the Soutern Netherlands (1815-1830)Meirlaen, Matthias
2012 Militaire feitengeschiedenis of een beschavingsverhaal? Over het belang van tijd in het vroegste geschiedenisonderwijs (1750-1850)Meirlaen, Matthias
2012 Evaluation of peroxide based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) for the degradation of ibuprofen in waterScheers, Thomas; Appels, Lise; Dirkx, Bart; Jacoby, Laurent; Van Vaeck, Luc; Van der Bruggen, Bart; Luyten, Jan; Degrève, Jan; Van Impe, Jan; Dewil, Raf
2012 Aerial archaeology - a partner in archaeological heritage management: an example from BelgiumLodewijckx, Marc; Pelegrin, René; Corthouts, Luc; Debruyne, Tom
2012 Vocational training of archaeological heritage in BelgiumLodewijckx, Marc
2012 The spiritual exercises of Ignatius of Loyola in the China mission of the 17th and 18th centuriesStandaert, Nicolas
2012 The 'Edict of tolerance' (1692): a textual history and readingStandaert, Nicolas
2012 Every disease a physician:The professionalization of Belgian medical specialistsMeul, Ineke; Schepers, Rita
2012 In de naam van de Franse vader - Genetische aanwijzingen voor een 16de eeuwse migratie dankzij onze familienaamLarmuseau, Maarten
2012 Extended equivariant Picard complexes and homogeneous spacesBorovoi, Mikhail; Van Hamel, Joost
2012 Safety aspects of the use of LNG for marine propulsionVandebroek, Luc; Berghmans, Jan
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