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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2012 Phosphate Recovery from Wastewater by Novel ElectrodialysisZhang, Yang; Desmidt, Evelyn; Van Looveren, Arnaud; Pinoy, Luc; Meesschaert, Boudewijn; Van der Bruggen, Bart
2012 Towards a Stronger EU Surveillance of Macroeconomic Imbalances: Rationale and Design of the New ProcedureBouwen, Pieter; Fischer, Jonas
2012 Enhanced compressive wideband frequency spectrum sensing for dynamic spectrum accessLiu, Yipeng; Wan, Q
2012 Multi-sparse signal recovery for compressive sensingLiu, Yipeng; Gligorijevic, Ivan; Matic, Vladimir; De Vos, Maarten; Van Huffel, Sabine
2012 To Save the Legomena: Theory, Praxis and Narrative in Ethico-Educational PerspectiveVan Coillie, Geert
2012 Business Intelligence in the Cloud for SME's : best practices and lessons learnedBracke, Ilse
2012 Gedegen feedback via crowdsourcing tijdens iedere fase van veranderingBracke, Ilse
2012 De onderhoudsverplichting van de lesbische meemoederWillems, Kurt
2012 Het EVRM en de disciplinaire macht van de werkgeverVan Bever, Aline; Samoy, Ilse (othereditor); Sagaert, Vincent (othereditor); Terryn, Evelyn (othereditor)
2012 The variational use of the particle את with subject and direct objectvan Loon, Hanneke
2012 Object-oriented identification of forested landslides with derivatives of single pulse LiDAR dataVan Den Eeckhaut, Miet; Kerle, Norman; Poesen, Jean; Hervas, Javier
2012 Energy-optimal time allocation of a series of point-to-point motionsJanssens, Pieter; Pipeleers, Goele; Diehl, Moritz; Swevers, Jan
2012 Henry Chadwick, Augustinus van Hippo. Vertaald uit het Engels door Anthony Dupont en Wim SleddensDupont, Anthony
2012 Recensie: Erik Leland Saak, Creating Augustine: Interpreting Augustine and Augustinianism in the Later Middle Ages, Oxford University Press, 2012, ISBN 0199646384, 9780199646388, xv-288 pDupont, Anthony
2012 Unified analysis of iterative learning and repetitive controllers in trial domainPipeleers, Goele; Moore, Kevin L.
2012 Word versus Dirt. History and archaeology applied to proto-historical SagalassosPoblome, Jeroen; Boiy, Tom (othereditor); Bretschneider, Joachim (othereditor); Goddeeris, Anne (othereditor); Hameeuw, Hendrik (othereditor); Jans, Greta (othereditor); Tavernier, Jan (othereditor)
2012 Goedele, een Brusselse heilige?Vannieuwenhuyze, Bram
2012 Boekbespreking : The history of medieval canon law in the classical period, 1140-1234, From Gratian to the Decretals of Pope Gregory IX, ed. by W. Hartmann and K. Pennington, [History of medieval canon law], The Catholic University Press, Washington D.C., [2008], XIII + 442 pWaelkens, Laurent
2012 Master of Science in Safety Engineering at KU LeuvenDegrève, Jan; Berghmans, Jan
2012 The dust explosion characteristics of coal dust in an oxygen enriched atmosphereNorman, Frederik; Berghmans, Jan; Verplaetsen, Filip
2012 Safety aspects of the use of LNG for marine propulsionVandebroek, Luc; Berghmans, Jan
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