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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
31-May-2013 Granulomatoses systémiquesWouters, Carine
31-May-2013 Semantische Nachhaltigkeit und Kontrolle: Gedanken zu und Linked Open DataGradmann, Stefan
31-May-2013 Le droit romain antique, un produit de l'interprétation aux temps modernesWaelkens, Laurent
31-May-2013 ABOX: Anechoic BoxesReinoso Carvalho, Felipe; Tiete, Jelmer; Touhafi, Abdellah; Steenaut, Kris
Jun-2013 Les emplois référentiels du SN démonstratif en français. Essai de systématisationVanderbauwhede, Gudrun; Lauwers, Peter; Desmet, Piet
Jun-2013 Disturbed Cortico-Subcortical Interactions During Motor Task Switching in Traumatic Brain InjuryLeunissen, Inge; Coxon, James; Geurts, Monique; Caeyenberghs, Karen; Michiels, Karla; Sunaert, Stefan; Swinnen, Stephan
Jun-2013 A survey of intelligent assistants for data analysisSerban, Floarea; Vanschoren, Joaquin; Kietz, Jorg-Uwe; Bernstein, Abraham
Jun-2013 Personal stigma in schizophrenia spectrum disorders: A systematic review of prevalence rates, correlates, impact and interventions (English,Spanish and Arabic version)Gerlinger, Gabriel; Hauser, Marta; De Hert, Marc; Lacluyse, Kathleen; Wampers, Martien; Correll, C.U.
Jun-2013 The influence of mixing methods and disinfectant on the physical properties of alginate impression materialsDreesen, Karoline; Kellens, Annelies; Wevers, Martine; Pushpike, Jayantha Thilakarathne; Willems, Guy
Jun-2013 Evaluating the impact of environmental constraints in networks: formulation and analysis in a simple caseLin, Xin; Immers, Ben; Viti, Francesco; Tampère, Chris; Wulfhorst, Gebhard (othereditor)
Jun-2013 Étienne Fouilloux, Eugène cardinal Tisserant (1884-1972). Une biographieRoy-Lysencourt, Philippe J.
Jun-2013 Vocabulary learning from reading: Examining interactions between task and learner related variablesWu, Xiaoli; Lowyck, Joost; Sercu, Lies; Elen, Jan
Jun-2013 Smuggled into Existence: Nonconsequentialism, Procreation, and Wrongful DisabilityVrousalis, Nicholas
Jun-2013 Robust optimization for resource-constrained project scheduling with uncertain activity durationsArtigues, C.; Leus, Roel; Talla Nobibon, Fabrice
Jun-2013 Joint maintenance and inventory optimization systems: a reviewVan Horenbeek, Adriaan; Buré, Jasmine; Cattrysse, Dirk; Pintelon, Liliane; Vansteenwegen, Pieter
Jun-2013 The measurement of emotional intelligence for Spanish adolescents with social anxiety disorder symptomsDiaz-Castela, M; Hale, W; Muela, J; Espinosa-Fernandez, L; Garcia-Lopez, L; Klimstra, Theo
Jun-2013 Sense of coherence is a predictor of perceived health in adolescents with congenital heart disease: A cross-lagged prospective studyApers, Silke; Luyckx, Koen; Rassart, Jessica; Goossens, Eva; Budts, Werner; Moons, Philip
Jun-2013 Health care professionals as second victims after adverse events: a systematic reviewSeys, Deborah; Wu, Albert; Van Gerven, Eva; Vleugels, Arthur; Euwema, Martin; Panella, Max; Scott, Susan; Conway, James; Sermeus, Walter; Vanhaecht, Kris
Jun-2013 Power-reduction techniques for data-center storage systemsBostoen, Tom; Mullender, Sape; Berbers, Yolande
Jun-2013 Contemporary ethnographic practice and the value of serendipitySalazar, Noel B.; Rivoal, Isabelle
Jun-2013 An LMI Approach for Reduced-Order H-2 LTI Controller SynthesisHilhorst, Gijs; Pipeleers, Goele; Swevers, Jan
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