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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2014 Numerical simulation of the insertion process of an uncemented hip prosthesis in order to evaluate the influence of residual stress and contact distribution on the stem initial stabilityMonea, Aida Georgeta; Pastrav, Leonard; Mulier, Michiel; Van der Perre, Georges; Jaecques, Siegfried V
2014 Relationality: An Ethical Response to the Tensions of Network Enabled Operations in the Kunduz AirstrikesTopolski, Anya
2014 Artikel 11 Faill.WDelwiche, Tom; Embrechts, Jacques (othereditor); Renap, Ilse (othereditor); Vanmeenen, Melissa (othereditor); Verougstraete, Ivan (othereditor)
2014 Knowledge, Understanding, and VirtueKelp, Christoph; Fairweather, Abrol (othereditor)
2014 Between Diplomacy and Solidarity: Western European Support Networks for Sandinista NicaraguaChristiaens, Kim
2014 Indirect acoustic impedance eduction in presence of flow based on an analytical two-port formulationDe Santana, Leandro; De Roeck, Wim; Desmet, Wim
2014 Effects of deregulation and vertical unbundling on the performance of China's electricity generation sectorVan Biesebroeck, Jo; Gao, Hang
2014 Mediating hierarchical labour conflicts: Dynamics and interventionsBollen, Katalien; Euwema, Martin; Ayoko, O. B. (othereditor); Ashkanasy, N. M. (othereditor); Jehn, K. A. (othereditor)
2014 Angry at your boss: Who cares? Anger recognition and mediation effectivenessBollen, Katalien; Euwema, Martin
2014 Computers work for women: Gender differences in online divorce mediationBollen, Katalien; Verbeke, Alain; Euwema, Martin
2014 Preventive mediation: Stopping conflict before it startsBollen, Katalien; Euwema, Martin
2014 A Value Mapping Tool for Interpreting World Heritage SitesVandesande, Aziliz; Vileikis, Ona; Van Balen, Koen; Santana Quintero, Mario; Crescini, Henry (othereditor); Vileikis, Ona (othereditor)
2014 Unique Cartan decomposition for II_1 factors arising from arbitrary actions of hyperbolic groupsPopa, Sorin; Vaes, Stefaan
2014 Robust maximum weighted independent-set problems on interval graphsTalla Nobibon, Fabrice; Leus, Roel
2014 Scheduling modular projects on a bottleneck resourceCoolen, Kris; Wei, Wenchao; Talla Nobibon, Fabrice; Leus, Roel
2014 Puns Within the Context of Name Explanations in MT and LXX ExodusKabergs, Valérie; Kraus, Wolfgang (othereditor); Kreuzer, Siegfried (othereditor); W. Kraus, S. Kreuzer (series)
2014 AnalogyDe Smet, Hendrik; Fischer, Olga
2014 Cash holdings and business group membershipLocorotondo, Rosy; Dewaelheyns, Nico; Van Hulle, Cynthia
2014 Pythagoras in the Historical Tradition: From Herodotus to Diodorus SiculusSchorn, Stefan; Huffman, Carl A. (othereditor)
2014 Belgium: The Chilean Factor & the Changing Dimensions of SolidarityChristiaens, Kim; Christiaens, Kim (othereditor); Goddeeris, Idesbald (othereditor); Rodriguez Garcia, Magaly (othereditor)
2014 European Solidarity with Chile, 1970s-1980sChristiaens, Kim (editor); Goddeeris, Idesbald (editor); Rodríguez García, Magaly (editor)
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