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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Apr-2012 Idiopathic noncirrhotic portal hypertension is associated with poor survival: results of a long-term cohort studySchouten, J N L; Nevens, Frederik; Hansen, B; Laleman, Wim; van den Born, M; Komuta, MIna; Roskams, Tania; Verheij, J; Janssen, H L A
Apr-2012 How to improve reading comprehension in high-risk studentsVanlaar, Gudrun; Denies, Katrijn; Pinxten, Maarten; Vandecandelaere, Machteld; Lamote, Carl
Apr-2012 Secure compilation to modern processors: extended versionAgten, Pieter; Strackx, Raoul; Jacobs, Bart; Piessens, Frank
Apr-2012 Gabor noise by example - Suplemental materialGalerne, Bruno; Lagae, Ares; Lefebvre, Sylvain; Drettakis, George
Apr-2012 Domestic Embeddedness and the Dynamics of Multilevel Venue Shopping in Four EU Member StatesBeyers, Jan; Kerremans, Bart
Apr-2012 Colour Appearance Modelling for Self-luminous ColoursWithouck, Martijn; Ryckaert, Wouter; Smet, Kevin; Deconinck, Geert; Hanselaer, Peter
Apr-2012 Diaphragm activity during mechanical ventilation: A narrow therapeutic marginTestelmans, Dries; Decramer, Marc
Apr-2012 Heart Failure 2012: Beyond pillsRaes, David; Moons, Philip
Apr-2012 Advanced Practice Nursing and ACHD outcomesMoons, Philip
Apr-2012 Engineering of micro- and nanostructured surfaces with anisotropic geometries and propertiesTawfick, Sameh; De Volder, Michaël; Copic, Davor; Park, Sei Jin; Oliver, C Ryan; Polsen, Erik S; Roberts, Megan J; Hart, A John
Apr-2012 High-Damping Carbon Nanotube Hinged MicromirrorsDe Volder, Michaël; De Coster, Jeroen; Reynaerts, Dominiek; Van Hoof, Chris; Kim, Sang-Gook
Apr-2012 Measurement of the transverse polarization of electrons emitted in free neutron decayKozela, A; Ban, G; Bialek, A; Bodek, K; Gorel, P; Kirch, K; Kistryn, St; Naviliat-Cuncic, O; Severijns, Nathal; Stephan, E; Zejma, J
Apr-2012 Accuracy analysis of optical intraoral imaging of tooth preparations and their occlusionVandenberghe, Bart; Van Bogaert, Peter; Hermans, Jeroen; Smeets, Dirk; Vandermeulen, Dirk; Naert, Ignace
Apr-2012 Self-assembled Nano-layering at the Adhesive InterfaceYoshida, Y; Yoshihara, Kumiko; Nagaoka, N; Hayakawa, S; Torii, Y; Ogawa, T; Osaka, A; Van Meerbeek, Bart
Apr-2012 Fourteen-Electron Ring Model and the Anomalous Magnetic Circular Dichroism of meso-TriarylsubporphyrinsVancoillie, Steven; Hendrickx, Marc; Nguyen, Minh; Pierloot, Kristine; Ceulemans, Arnout; Mack, John; Kobayashi, Nagao
Apr-2012 Meta-analytical Review of Parameters Involved in Dentin BondingDe Munck, Jan; Mine, A; Poitevin, André; Van Ende, Annelies; Cardoso, M Vivan; Van Landuyt, Kirsten; Peumans, Marleen; Van Meerbeek, Bart
Apr-2012 Bonding of low-shrinking composites in high C-factor cavitiesVan Ende, Annelies; Mine, A; De Munck, Jan; Poitevin, André; Van Meerbeek, Bart
Apr-2012 Effect of fibre post length and adhesive strategy on fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth after fatigue loadingZicari, Francesca; Van Meerbeek, Bart; Scotti, R; Naert, Ignace
Apr-2012 De spanning tussen de bescherming van een handelsnaam en een identiek of soortgelijk merk in de tijdSwennen, Joris
Apr-2012 Gedoe rond 'handshake' werkt kille Justitie in de handNelissen, Bart
Apr-2012 Development of a silicon detector monitor for the HIE-ISOLDE superconducting upgrade of the REX-ISOLDE heavy-ion linacZocca, F.; Fraser, M.A.; Bravin, E.; Pasini, Matteo; Voulot, D.; Wenander, F.
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