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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2012 De gemeente als initiatiefnemer en ondersteuner van een traject zonder zittenblijvenJuchtmans, Goedroen; Vandenbroucke, Anneloes; De Vry, Marleen (othereditor)
2012 Bernard Ardura, La vérité vous rendra libres. Le Bienheureux Pierre-Adrien Toulorge Prémontré, « Martyr de la Vérité » (1757-1793), Paris : Parole et Silence, 2012, 138 pages
2012 International prevalence of adolescent non-suicidal self-injury and deliberate self-harmMuehlenkamp, Jennifer J.; Claes, Laurence; Havertape, L.; Plener, P.L.
2012 Designing a Future for Large-Scale Care Homes in FlandersCoomans, Koen; De Smet, Henk; Heylighen, Ann
2012 Het leerplan revisited – 10 jaar laterBoeve, Lieven; Pollefeyt, Didier (othereditor); De Boeck, Ellen (othereditor)
2012 Automated learning topic refinement of exercises based on logging dataJacques, Igor; De Causmaecker, Patrick
2012 Energy efficiency policy in a non-cooperative worldBarla, Philippe; Proost, Stef
2012 Art. 1-2Pintens, Walter; Magnus, Ulrich (othereditor); Mankowski, Peter (othereditor)
2012 Egg recognition in honeybees - a role for peptides?Ernst, Uli; Cardoen, Dries; de Graaf, Dirk C.; Wenseleers, Tom; Schoofs, Liliane; Verleyen, Peter
2012 Textes en théorie esthétique présentés en résumé / Texts in Aesthetic Theory Presented in SummaryIonescu, Vlad; Milne, Peter W.; Parret, Herman (othereditor)
2012 Implied Liquidity Towards stochastic liquidity modeling and liquidity tradingCorcuera, Jose Manuel; Guillaume, Florence; Madan, Dilip; Schoutens, Wim
2012 Naturally biased? In search for reaction time evidence for a natural number bias in adultsVamvakoussi, Xenia; Van Dooren, Wim; Verschaffel, Lieven
2012 Predictors for mathematics achievement? Evidence from a longitudinal studySasanguie, Delphine; Van den Bussche, Eva; Reynvoet, Bert
2012 Doorstroom van doelgroepwerknemers uit de sociale inschakelingseconomieJacobs, Laura; Heylen, Vicky; Gijselinckx, Caroline; Capéau, Bart (other)
2012 The Agency Game in Academic Development: Compliance or Resistance?Di Napoli, Roberto; Buelens, Herman; Clement, Mieke
2012 Effects of rigid and non-rigid image registration on test-retest variability of quantitative [18F]FDG PET/CT studiesvan Velden, Floris HP; van Beers, Paul; Nuyts, Johan; Velasquez, Linda M; Hayes, Wendy; Lammertsma, Adriaan A; Boellaard, Ronald; Loeckx, Dirk
2012 Age, Period and Cohort effects in the Decline of Party Identification in Germany. An Analysis of a Two Decade Panel Study in Germany (1992-2009)Dassonneville, Ruth; Hooghe, Marc; Vanhoutte, Bram
2012 The emergence and development of Sagalassos as a ‚polis’ and a ‚city’Waelkens, Marc; Martens, Femke; Talloen, Peter; Abasso─člu, Haluk (othereditor)
2012 Geloof in het politieke debat. De pyrrusoverwinning van inclusionistisch liberalismeDeweer, Dries
2012 Electrodeposition of luminescent composite metal coatings containing rare-earth phosphor particlesGanapathi, Murugan; Eliseeva, Svetlana V; Brooks, Neil; Soccol, Dimitri; Fransaer, Jan; Binnemans, Koen
2012 The Gothic and Grotesque in Barbara Gowdy's 'Mister Sandman'Staels, Hilde
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