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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
Nov-2012 Determinants of fitness to drive in Huntington diseaseDevos, Hannes; Nieuwboer, Alice; Tant, Mark; De Weerdt, Willy; Vandenberghe, Wim
Nov-2012 Behavioral integrity for safety, priority of safety, psychological safety, and patient safety: A team-level studyLeroy, Hannes; Dierynck, B.; Anseel, F.; Simons, T.; Halbesleben, J.R.B.; McCaughey, D.; Savage, G.; Sels, Luc
Nov-2012 Stratification according to HGG-IMMUNO RPA model predicts outcome in a large group of patients with relapsed malignant glioma treated by adjuvant postoperative dendritic cell vaccinationDe Vleeschouwer, Steven; Ardon, Hilko; Van Calenbergh, Frank; Sciot, Raf; Wilms, Guy; van Loon, Johan; Goffin, Jan; Van Gool, Stefaan
Nov-2012 Sporadic male patients with intellectual disability: Contribution of x-chromosome copy number variantsIsrie, Mala; Froyen, Guy; Devriendt, Koenraad; de Ravel de l'Argentière, Thomy; Fryns, Jean-Pierre; Vermeesch, Joris; Van Esch, Hilde
Nov-2012 Managing data dependencies in service compositionsMonsieur, Geert; Snoeck, Monique; Lemahieu, Wilfried
Nov-2012 Clinically oriented three-step strategy for assessment of adnexal pathologyAmeye, Lieveke; Timmerman, Dirk; Valentin, L; Paladini, D; Jingzhang, J; Van Holsbeke, Caroline; Lissoni, A.A; Savelli, L; Veldman, J; Testa, A.C; Amant, Frédéric; Van Huffel, Sabine; Bourne, Tom
Nov-2012 How about taking a low-cost, small, and wireless EEG for a walk?Debener, S; Minow, F; Hippen, R; Gandras, K; De Vos, Maarten
Nov-2012 Integration of autologous dendritic cell-based immunotherapy in the standard of care treatment for patients with newly diagnosed glioblastoma: results of the HGG-2006 phase I/II trialArdon, Hilko; Van Gool, Stefaan; Verschuere, Tina; Maes, Wim; Fieuws, Steffen; Sciot, Raf; Wilms, Guy; Demaerel, Philippe; Goffin, Jan; Van Calenbergh, Frank; Menten, Joannes; Clement, Paul; Debiec-Rychter, Maria; De Vleeschouwer, Steven
Nov-2012 Least-Squares Support Vector Machines for the Identification of Wiener-Hammerstein SystemsFalck, Tillmann; Dreesen, Philippe; De Brabanter, Kris; Pelckmans, Kristiaan; De Moor, Bart; Suykens, Johan
Nov-2012 The ENDOCARE questionnaire guides European endometriosis clinics to improve the patient-centeredness of their careDancet, Eline; Apers, Silke; Kluivers, Kirsten; Kremer, Jan; Sermeus, Walter; Devriendt, Chaja; Nelen, Willianne; D'Hooghe, Thomas
Nov-2012 Explanatory value of the Ability Index as assessed by cardiologists and patients with congenital heart diseaseOvergaard, Dorthe; Schrader, AM; Lisby, Karen H; King, Catriona; Christensen, Rie Friis; Jensen, HF; Moons, Philip
Nov-2012 The Integrated Contrastive Model evaluated: The French and Dutch demonstrative determiner in L1 and L2Vanderbauwhede, Gudrun
Nov-2012 Portal hypertension after combined liver and intestinal transplantation, a diagnostic and therapeutic challenge?Monbaliu, Diethard; Vandersmissen, J; De Hertogh, Gert; Van Assche, Gert; Hoffman, Ilse; Knops, Noël; Debbaut, C; Heye, Sam; Pirenne, Jacques; Maleux, Geert
Nov-2012 Parameterizing a Dynamic Architectural Model of the Root System of Spring Barley from Minirhizotron DataGarré, Sarah; Pagès, Loïc; Laloy, Eric; Javaux, Mathieu; Vanderborght, Jan; Vereecken, Harry
Nov-2012 Does the presence of a Caesarean section scar influence the site of placental implantation and subsequent migration in future pregnancies: A prospective case-control studyNaji, O; Daemen, Anneleen; Smith, A; Abdallah, Y; Bradburn, E; Giggens, R; Chan, Dcy; Stalder, C; Ghaem-Maghami, S; Timmerman, Dirk; Bourne, Tom
Nov-2012 The visibility and measurement of Caesarean section scars in pregnancy: an interobserver variability studyNaji, O; Daemen, Anneleen; Smith, A; Abdallah, Y; Saso, S; Stalder, C; Sayasneh, A; McIndoe, A; Ghaem-Maghami, S; Timmerman, Dirk; Bourne, Tom
Nov-2012 Explaining freezing of gait in Parkinson’s disease: motor and cognitive determinantsVercruysse, Sarah; Devos, Hannes; Münks, Liesbeth; Spildooren, Joke; Vandenbossche, Jochen; Vandenberghe, Wim; Nieuwboer, Alice; Heremans, Elke
Nov-2012 Investigation of the Uncertainty of DIC under Heterogeneous Strain States with Numerical TestsWang, Yueqi; Lava, Pascal; Coppieters, Sam; De Strycker, Maarten; Van Houtte, Paul; Debruyne, Dimitri
Nov-2012 A multi-dimensional quality assessment of state-of-the-art process discovery algorithms using real-life event logsDe Weerdt, Jochen; De Backer, Manu; Vanthienen, Jan; Baesens, Bart
Nov-2012 The relative importance of children’s criteria for representational adequacy in the perception of simple sonic stimuliVerschaffel, Lieven; Reybrouck, Mark; Van Dooren, Wim; Degraeuwe, Goedele
Nov-2012 The Effect of Housing Expenses and Subsidies on the Income Distribution in Flanders and the NetherlandsHeylen, Kristof; Haffner, Marietta
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