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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
19-Feb-2012 More Than a Phrase on a Food Label. The Health Claim as a Topological SpaceHendrickx, Kim
20-Feb-2012 Optimal Runge-Kutta Schemes for Discontinuous Galerkin Space Discretizations Applied to Wave Propagation ProblemsToulorge, Thomas; Desmet, Wim
20-Feb-2012 Optimization-based algorithms for the decomposition of a tensor in rank-$(L_t,L_t,1)$ termsSorber, Laurent; Van Barel, Marc; De Lathauwer, Lieven
20-Feb-2012 Characterisation of DNA functionalised silica nanoparticles for bioassay developmentDelport, Filip; Lammertyn, Jeroen (supervisor); Sels, Bert (supervisor)
20-Feb-2012 Efficient Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Methods Applied to Aeroacoustics (Efficiënte Runge-Kutta discontinue Galerkin methoden voor aeroakoestische toepassingen)Toulorge, Thomas; Desmet, Wim (supervisor)
20-Feb-2012 Highly detailed online 3D evaluation of the cavo-tricuspid isthmus and triangle of KochGarweg, Christophe; Nuyens, Dieter; De Buck, Stijn; Ector, Joris; Al Zand, Bakr; Heidbüchel, Hein; Willems, Rik
20-Feb-2012 Syncope recurrence is strikingly reduced after tilt training in patients with neurally mediated syncope compared to controlsReybrouck, Tony; Heidbüchel, Hein; Willems, Rik
20-Feb-2012 De indexdiscussie naar een ander niveau. OpiniestukVan Gyes, Guy; De Spiegelaere, Stan; Vandekerckhove, Sem
20-Feb-2012 On-Chip Gain Reconfigurable 1.2 V 24 uW Chopping Instrumentation Amplifier with Automatic Resistor Matching in 0.13 um CMOSMichel, Fridolin; Steyaert, Michiel
20-Feb-2012 APM_GUI: analyzing particle movement on the cell membrane and determining confinementMenchón, Silvia Adriana; Martín, Mauricio G; Dotti, Carlos
20-Feb-2012 Eigenvalue Algorithms for Symmetric Hierarchical MatricesMach, Thomas; Benner, Peter (supervisor)
21-Feb-2012 Maatstaf WildersHooghe, Marc
21-Feb-2012 The use of near field goniophotometers for LED lighting applicationsAudenaert, Jan; Van Giel, Bart; Jacobs, Valéry Ann; Forment, Stefaan; Hanselaer, Peter
21-Feb-2012 The EU and the G20: Problematic or Symbiotic Relationship?Wouters, Jan; Van Kerckhoven, Sven; Odermatt, Jed
22-Feb-2012 The Porcine Genome Array: an adequate tool in pig transcriptomics?Schroyen, Martine; Buys, Nadine
22-Feb-2012 Meer oestrogeen is geen panacee. Vertrouwensbevordering in Justitie vergt meer dan vervrouwelijking alleenNelissen, Bart; Van Geyt, Karel
22-Feb-2012 Opleiding voor diakensSanders, Henk
22-Feb-2012 Boosting the Figure-Of-Merit of LSPR-Based Refractive Index Sensing by Phase-Sensitive MeasurementsLodewijks, Kristof; Van Roy, Willem; Borghs, Gustaaf; Lagae, Liesbet; Van Dorpe, Pol
22-Feb-2012 Effects of tree species diversity on the biological soil activity in European forestsOttoy, Sam; De Wandeler, Hans; Hermy, Martin; Carnol, Monique; Muys, Bart
23-Feb-2012 Recent Developments in Dynamic Microsimulation modeling for policy support: an application to BelgiumDekkers, Gijs; Desmet, Raphaël
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