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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
24-Feb-2012 Identification of behaviour of weaner pigs in the early phase of aggressive interaction for the development of an automatic monitoring system of pig aggressionOCZAK, MACIEJ; ISMAYILOVA, GUNEL; SONODA, LILIA; FELS, MICHAELA; HARTUNG, JOERG; GUARINO, MARCELLA; Viazzi, Stefano; Berckmans, Daniel; Vranken, Erik; ANTUNES, L. (othereditor); GABRIEL, J. (othereditor)
24-Feb-2012 Synthesis of Functionalized Dioxa-aza[7]helicenes Using Palladium Catalyzed ArylationsKelgtermans, Hans; Dobrzanska, Liliana; Van Meervelt, Luc; Dehaen, Wim
24-Feb-2012 High Resolution Time-of-Arrival for a cm-precise super 10 meter 802.15.3C-based 60 GHz OFDM Positioning ApplicationRedant, Tom; Dehaene, Wim
24-Feb-2012 AZ: XY gelöst?Hartmann, Mechtild; Peeters, W; Pintelon, Liliane
24-Feb-2012 Development of Analytical Methods for Essential MedicinesMamade, Dunge; Adams, Erwin (supervisor); Hoogmartens, Jos (cosupervisor)
24-Feb-2012 Solvent-retentiecapaciteitsanalyses voor de bepaling van de geschiktheid van Europese tarwebloem voor verschillende graangebaseerde processenDuyvejonck, Annelies; Delcour, Jan (supervisor); Courtin, Christophe (supervisor); Lagrain, Bert (cosupervisor)
24-Feb-2012 Mineral resources for ceramic production in the territory of Sagalassos: A geochemical, mineralogical and petrographical study.Neyt, Bert; Elsen, Jan (supervisor); Degryse, Patrick (supervisor)
24-Feb-2012 The 'Barbus' species (Cypriniformes, Cyprinidae) from Côte d'Ivoire: A systematic revision of some West African species complexes.Bamba, Mamadou; Snoeks, Joseph (supervisor); Vreven, Emmanuel (cosupervisor)
24-Feb-2012 Applications of auditory steady-state responses in the study of neural processing and auditory prosthesesWouters, Jan; Hofmann, Michael; Luts, Heleen; Poelmans, Hanne; Van Deun, Lieselot; Vanvooren, Sophie; Van Wieringen, Astrid
23-Feb-2012 Stresses in vocal folds: A numerical investigation under vibration, impact and surface adhesion conditionsBhattacharya, Pinaki; Siegmund, Thomas (supervisor)
23-Feb-2012 Static and dynamic analysis of third-order shear deformation FG micro beam based on modified couple stress theorySalamat-talab, Mazaher; Nateghi, Alireza; Torabi, Jalal
23-Feb-2012 Aandeelhouders hebben geen zelfstandig vorderingsrecht voor afgeleide schadeVananroye, Joeri
23-Feb-2012 A Research Program on Illegal MarketsPaoli, Letizia
23-Feb-2012 Valuing Landscape preferences for nature restoration: case study evidence from the Drongengoed (Belgium)De Valck, Jeremy; Vlaeminck, Pieter; Liekens, Inge; Aertsens, Joris; Vranken, Liesbet
23-Feb-2012 Effects of creatine supplementation on intramyocellular lipid content and relationship with training and insulin resistanceVaisy, Morad; Hespel, Peter (supervisor)
23-Feb-2012 Extraskeletal benefits and risks of calcium, vitamin D and anti-osteoporosis medicationsBody, JJ; Bergmann, P; Boonen, Steven; Devogelaer, JP; Gielen, Evelien; Goemaere, S; Kaufman, JM; Rozenberg, S; Reginster, JY
23-Feb-2012 Epigenetic mechanisms in development, inheritance and diseaseMinnebo, Nikki; Van Eynde, Aleyde; Bollen, Mathieu
23-Feb-2012 Interpolation rationnelle quasi-optimale sur un intervalle à pôles fixesDeckers, Karl
23-Feb-2012 Protocol for a systematic review of human dental age estimation studiesThevissen, Patrick; Willems, Guy
23-Feb-2012 Dental age estimation combining developmental and morphological age predictorsThevissen, Patrick; Galiti, Dimitra; Willems, Guy
23-Feb-2012 Recent Developments in Dynamic Microsimulation modeling for policy support: an application to BelgiumDekkers, Gijs; Desmet, Raphaël
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