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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2013 Webcrawling for a biological strategy corpus to support Biologically-Inspired DesignVandevenne, Dennis; Caicedo, Javier; Verhaegen, Paul-Armand; Dewulf, Simon; Duflou, Joost
2013 Institutional Change and Academic Patenting: French Universities and the Innovation Act of 1999Della Malva, Antonio; Lissoni, Francesco; Llerena, Patrick
2013 The impact of corporate governance on IFRS adoption choicesGaeremynck, Ann; Verriest, Arnt; Thornton, Dan
2013 Disciplines en studies: vernieuwing in de geesteswetenschappenTollebeek, Johan
2013 Change through recombination: blending and analogyDe Smet, Hendrik
2013 Plutarch: MoraliaVan Hoof, Lieve
2013 "I Open": Narration In Samuel Beckett's CascandoVandevelde, Tom
2013 Francesco Filelfo. On Exile. Commentationes Florentinae de ExilioDe Keyser, Jeroen; Blanchard, W. Scott
2013 Anton Dumitriu, the 'Axiomatic Culture' and the 'Crisis of the West’Stanciu, Diana
2013 Managerial ownership, entrenchment and innovationBeyer, Mila Lou Paula; Czarnitzki, Dirk; Kraft, K.
2013 Evidence-based treatment strategies for treatment-resistant bipolar depression: a systematic reviewSienaert, Pascal; Lambrichts, L; Dols, A; De Fruyt, J.
2013 A class of groups for which every action is W*-superrigidHoudayer, Cyril; Popa, Sorin; Vaes, Stefaan
2013 A New Stemma for Cicero’s ‘Pro Archia’De Keyser, Jeroen; Deneire, Tom
2013 Digital Text EditionAndrews, Tara; Calzolari, V. (othereditor); Stone, M. E. (othereditor)
2013 Readings attributed to "οἱ περὶ α′ and/or σ′" by Theodoret of CyrrhusCeulemans, Reinhart; Peters, Melvin K.H. (othereditor)
2013 The ὁμοίως Notes in the Syro-Hexapla Version of the Song of SongsCeulemans, Reinhart
2013 Statistical relational learningBlockeel, Hendrik; Bianchini, Monica (othereditor); Maggini, Marco (othereditor); Jain, Lakhmi (othereditor)
2013 Completives as markers of non-volitionalityFauconnier, Stefanie
2013 Evidence about client's experiences and concernsPearson, Alan; Hannes, Karin; Benneth, Sally (othereditor); Hoffman, Tammy (othereditor); Del Mar, Chris (othereditor)
2013 Homilia in Pentecosten (CPG 6665): A Sermon of Basil of SeleuciaBishop III, Rich
2013 An estimation of the determinants of same-day visit expenditures in BelgiumWynen, Jan
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