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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2015 Nikephoros Blemmydes (forthcoming)Gielen, Erika; Grünbart, Michael (othereditor); Riehle, Alexander (othereditor)
2015 Ioseph der Philosoph (forthcoming)Gielen, Erika; Grünbart, Michael (othereditor); Riehle, Alexander (othereditor)
2015 Nicephori Blemmydae De virtute et ascesi et Iosephi Racendytae De virtute (forthcoming)Gielen, Erika
2015 'Remember Joseph Rhakendytès'. Authorship and Authority in the 'Synopsis' of Joseph the Philosopher (forthcoming)Gielen, Erika; Ceulemans, Reinhart (othereditor); De Leemans, Pieter (othereditor)
2015 The Heart of Man. Pentecostal Emotive Style in and beyond Kinshasa's Media WorldPype, Katrien; Hackett, Rosalind (othereditor); Soares, Benjamin (othereditor)
2015 Politics as the Art of the Impossible: The Heteronomy of Italian Futurist Art-ActionBru, Sascha; Erjavec, Ales (othereditor)
2015 Analytical Marxism (forthcoming)Vrousalis, Nicholas; Van Parijs, Philippe; Wright, James (othereditor)
2015 Proclus on the One, the Henads and Principles (forthcoming)Van Riel, Gerd; d'Hoine, Pieter (othereditor); Martijn, Marije (othereditor)
2015 (Marcus) Lucretius Diogenes and Aurelius SarapionWaebens, Sofie; Vandorpe, Katelijn (othereditor); Clarysse, Willy (othereditor); Verreth, Herbert (othereditor); e.a. (othereditor)
2015 Timing and heritability of ovary activation in worker honeybeesCardoen, Dries; Ernst, Uli; Iserbyt, Arne; Tobback, Julie; de Graaf, Dirk C.; Verleyen, Peter; Wenseleers, Tom
2015 Reception and the Textuality of History: Ramus and Kepler on Proclus' History and Philosophy of GeometryClaessens, Guy; Lardinois, André (othereditor); Levie, Sophie (othereditor); Hoeken, Hans (othereditor); Lüthy, Christoph (othereditor)
2015 Los conceptos de 'no-lugar' y de 'heterotopía' en el análisis literario. Propuesta de relectura de "Los autonautas de la cosmopista" de Julio Cortázar (Forthcoming)François, Liesbeth
2015 Writing Greek Myth. A Philological Commentary on the Second Book of Ps.-Apollodorus' BibliothecaKenens, Ulrike
2015 Leonhard Paminger (1495–1567) and the mensural systemBehrendt, Inga; Burn, David; McDonald, Grantley; Delfino, Antonio (othereditor)
2015 'Albathe' face à 'pustule': disparition versus lexicalisation des néologismes en français médiévalGoyens, Michèle; Van Tricht, Ildiko; Badiou-Monferran, Claire (othereditor); Verjans, Thomas (othereditor)
2015 Leap into the Surface: Photography, Recollection, Repetition (forthcoming)Symons, Stéphane; Symons, Stéphane (othereditor)
2015 The Marriage Between Aesthetics and Ethics (forthcoming)Symons, Stéphane (editor)
2015 Walter Benjamin and Theology (forthcoming)Symons, Stéphane (editor); Dickinson, Colby (editor)
2015 Philosophy at Work in the Study of Parenting and Parenting Support in FlandersRamaekers, Stefan; Bridges, David (othereditor); Burbules, Nicholas (othereditor); Griffiths, Morwenna (othereditor); Smeyers, Paul (othereditor)
2015 “Heroes and villains”: Habsburg Supremacy over the Ottomans in Triumphal Celebrations in the Spanish Netherlands of the 17th centuryVan Waelderen, Dirk G.; Hüttler, Michael (othereditor); Weidinger, H.E. (othereditor)
2015 Art. ἀπειλήDhont, Marieke; Lemmelijn, Bénédicte; Bons, Eberhard (othereditor); Joosten, Jan (othereditor)
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