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Date of IssueTitle Contributors
2015 De techniek van de muntfabricage in de Zuidelijke Nederlanden tot het einde van de 18de eeuwAerts, Erik; Halleux, Robert (othereditor); Vandersmissen, Jan (othereditor); Tomsin, Philippe (othereditor)
2015 Arendt, Levinas and A Political of Relationality (forthcoming)Topolski, Anya; Van der Zweerde, Evert (series); Assister, Alison (series)
2015 Peter of Auvergne on the Celestial Movers. Edition and Discussion of his Questions 8-11 on ‘Metaphysica’ XIIGalle, Griet; Flüeler, Christoph (othereditor); Lanza, Lidia (othereditor); Toste, Marco (othereditor)
2015 Schoonheid voorbij de waarheid: Andrei Tarkovski’s transgressie van de wetten van de narrativiteit (forthcoming)Symons, Stéphane
2015 Integrated participle clauses: from adverbial to complement (accepted)De Smet, Hendrik
2015 בשר bśrTigchelaar, Eibert; Gzella, Holger (othereditor)
2015 דם dmTigchelaar, Eibert; Gzella, Holger (othereditor)
2015 The First English Translator of Seneca's Tragedies: Jasper Heywood (London, 1535 - Naples, 1598) (forthcoming)Verbeke, Demmy
2015 Le spectre de la noblesse: l'Ève future de Villiers de l'Isle-AdamMartens, David; Chelebourg, Christian (othereditor)
2015 Lettres de noblesse 1. L'imaginaire nobiliaire dans la littérature française du XIXe siècleMartens, David (editor)
2015 Lettres de noblesse 2. L'imaginaire nobiliaire dans la littérature française du XXe siècleMartens, David (editor)
2015 The Older, the Better ― the Better, the Older. Dutch Humanist Scholars as Advocates of their Native LanguageVan Hal, Toon; Rutten, Gijsbert (othereditor); Swiggers, Pierre (othereditor)
2015 Land and Labour: Rails, Workers and Commuting in South-West Flanders, Belgium, 1830-1930De Block, Greet; Divall, Colin (othereditor)
2015 Why doesn’t the moon crash into the earth? Different brands of teleology in Plutarch’s On the Face in the Moon (forthcoming)Opsomer, Jan; Rocca, Julius (othereditor)
2015 Apophatic and Kataphatic Theology in Dumitru Staniloae (1903-1993)De Mey, Peter; Praet, Danny (othereditor)
2015 The root of ruthless: Variation as a window on representation (accepted)De Smet, Hendrik
2015 4QInstructionTigchelaar, Eibert; Wright, Archie (othereditor); Ron, Herms (othereditor); Brad, Embry (othereditor)
2015 4QBeatitudes (with 4QWiles of the Wicked Woman)Tigchelaar, Eibert; Wright, Archie (othereditor); Ron, Herms (othereditor); Brad, Embry (othereditor)
2015 The Maasai as paradoxical icons of tourism (im)mobilitySalazar, Noel B.; Bunten, Alexis (othereditor); Graburn, Nelson (othereditor)
2015 Etymological Renderings in the SeptuagintAusloos, Hans; Lemmelijn, Bénédicte; Bons, Eberhard (othereditor); Joosten, Jan (othereditor)
2015 Art. ἀπειλέωDhont, Marieke; Lemmelijn, Bénédicte; Bons, Eberhard (othereditor); Joosten, Jan (othereditor)
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