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Publication date: 2008-01
Volume: 119 Pages: 042026 - 042036
ISSN: 1742-6588, 1742-6596
Publisher: Institute of Physics Publishing Ltd.

Journal of Physics - Conference Series


Simoes, J
Amorim, A ; Batista, J ; Lopes, L ; Neves, R ; Pereira, P ; Kolos, S ; Soloviev, I


02 Physical Sciences, 09 Engineering


The ATLAS conditions databases will be used to manage information of quite diverse nature and level of complexity. The usage of a relational database manager like Oracle, together with the object managers POOL and OKS developed in-house, poses special difficulties in browsing the available data while understanding its structure in a general way. This is particularly relevant for the database browser projects where it is difficult to link with the class defining libraries generated by general frameworks such as Athena. A modular approach to tackle these problems is presented here. The database infrastructure is under development using the LCG COOL infrastructure, and provides a powerful information sharing gateway upon many different systems. The nature of the stored information ranges from temporal series of simple values up to very complex objects describing the configuration of systems like ATLAS' TDAQ infrastructure, including also associations to large objects managed outside of the database infrastructure. An important example of this architecture is the online objects extended database browser (NODE), which is designed to access and display all data, available in the ATLAS monitoring data archive (MDA), including histograms and data tables. To deal with the special nature of the monitoring objects, a plugin from the MDA framework to the Time managed science Instrument Databases (TIDB2) is used. The database browser is extended, in particular to include operations on histograms such as display, overlap, comparisons as well as commenting and local storage.