Child Indicators Research

Publication date: 2015-06
Pages: 243 - 264
ISSN: 1874-897X, 1874-8988
Publisher: Springer Netherlands


Op de Beeck, Hanne


Children's rights, indicators, 1608 Sociology, 1699 Other Studies in Human Society, 1605 Policy and Administration


Through the creation of a ‘Flemish Action Plan for Children’s Rights 2011- 2014’, the Flemish Government (Belgium) engaged itself, amongst others, to develop a set of indicators to monitor the realization of children’s rights. This commitment inspired the Children’s Rights Knowledge Centre (KeKi) to conduct a critical study about the use of indicators to monitor children’s rights. The study exists of a critical literature review regarding the creation of children’s rights indicators, an expert consultation and a participative follow- up of the steps taken by the Flemish Government in developing the indicators. In this article, the main challenges and opportunities that were identified through this study, are presented.