Annual meeting of the Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences, Date: 2009/06/03 - 2009/06/03, Location: Brussels (Belgium)

Publication date: 2009-06


De Cooman, Rein
Pepermans, Roland


The aim of the present study is to investigate how the perceived connection between the own work and the fulfillment of the organizational mission affects employees’ job-related attitudes and behaviors. We concentrate on the link between mission alignment and employees’ job satisfaction and work effort, and examine autonomous motivation as mediator in this relationship under control of a range of work-related variables and demographics. Results based on a sample of 494 employees from eight not-for-profit organizations support our hypotheses. From three sequential regressions, we conclude that mission alignment has a significant direct effect on job satisfaction and work effort. Furthermore, bootstrapping methods supported partial mediation, confirming that autonomous motivation mediated the association between mission alignment and employees’ well-being and optimal functioning. Important practical implications are reported