International Week @ KU Leuven - HUBrussel 2013-2014 European Year of Citizens, Date: 2013/11/25 - 2013/11/29, Location: Brussels

Publication date: 2013-11


Van Waelderen, Dirk G


International, International week, Exchanges, internationalisation


The Mobility Office of the academic division at HUB supports the internationalization and exchanges of three faculties in the institution. In this session the tasks, the way of working and the results of the office will be disseminated. The goal of the session is to have an exchange of ideas with the different attending representatives of the mobility offices from partner institutions. In the second part of the session we will have a closer look on the function of the international week of the academic faculties of HUB. What are the goals? How and why do we organize it? Many institutions of higher education have initiated in recent years some kind of international week. To have a successful international week, it is necessary to define the goals the institution has with this event. There are the first hand advantages of meeting foreign colleagues and exchanging good practices. There are however more inherent benefits for the members of the mobility office. The entire organization can also act as a team building activity for the mobility office. We will have a closer look at the advantages for the local mobility office. Participants are asked to think of the possible (dis)advantages of an international week. In the concluding part there will be discussion.