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Perception & Psychophysics

Publication date: 2002-08
Volume: 64 Pages: 945 - 955
ISSN: 0031-5117, 1532-5962 PMID: 12269301
DOI: 10.3758/BF03196798
Publisher: Psychonomic Society


Ekroll, Vebjörn
Faul, F


Social Sciences, Psychology, Psychology, Experimental, ILLUSION, JUNCTIONS, MOTION, Color Perception, Humans, Models, Theoretical, Neon, Experimental Psychology, 1701 Psychology, 1702 Cognitive Sciences


In neon color spreading displays, both a color illusion and perceptual transparency can be seen. In this study, we investigated the color conditions for the perception of transparency in such displays. It was found that the data are very well accounted for by a generalization of Metelli’s (1970) episcotister model of balanced perceptual transparency to tristimulus values. This additive model correctly predicted which combinations of colors would lead to optimal impressions of transparency. Color combinations deviating slightly from the additive model also looked transparent, but less convincingly so.