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EAEC European Automotive Congress, Date: 2011/06/13 - 2011/06/16, Location: Valencia, Spain

Publication date: 2011-06
Pages: 144 - 145

Proceedings of the 13th EAEC European Automotive Congress


Pastorino, Roland
Naya, Miguel Angel ; Luaces, Alberto ; Cuadrado, Javier


x-by-wire vehicle, vehicle prototype, MBS vehicle model, model validation, vehicle field testing


Real-time simulations of full-vehicle multibody models are being successfully implemented in more and more cases. These simulations extend the use of multibody models to new fields such as the on-board controller field. In order to guide the development of such multibody models, the validity of simulation’s predictions must be examined. This paper intends to present and apply the first iteration step of a complete validation process based on the methodology developed to validate the vehicle multibody model of the National Advanced Driving Simulator. For that purpose, a X- by-wire vehicle prototype has been built to generate experimental benchmark data used to check the validity of its own self-developed real-time multibody model. A driving simulator has been prepared to repeat the test maneuvers with the vehicle multibody model. Comparison between experimental benchmark data and simulation’s predictions are very promising considering that these are the first validation results.