ACR Asia-Pacific Conference, Date: 2002/07/16 - 2002/07/18, Location: Bejing

Publication date: 2002-05
Pages: 387 - 393

Asia Pacific Advances in Consumer Research


Brengman, Malaika
Geuens, Maggie ; Faseur, Tine


store image, recycling stores


Store image is one of the explanatory variables of store patronage. However, store image is not a one-dimensional construct, but consists of several dimensions. These image dimensions may vary for different types of stores due to the variety in products they carry. Since recycle stores are very different from the traditional retail outlets to which most of the studies pertain, the objective of the current study is to investigate the store dimensions that underlie the image of recycle stores. To this end two existing image scales, developed for the traditional retail market, are applied to the specific case of recycle stores. The results of the study indicate that the image of recycle stores can be captured in the same image dimensions as is the case for traditional outlets.