CTR Summer Program, Location: Stanford, CA

Publication date: 2010-07

Summer Program of the Center for Turbulence Research


Amaya, Jorge
Collado, Elena ; Cuenot, Bénédicte ; Poinsot, Thierry


Multi-physics coupled simulations are performed to study the temperature field in a turbine blade placed in the high pressure distributor of a helicopter engine. Large Eddy Simulation (LES) is used to calculate the unsteady reacting flow in the chamber and is coupled to the simulation of radiation and heat conduction in the high pressure stator (HPS). This implies the use of three different solvers, running simultaneously on a parallel machine with an optimized processor distribution. Results are shown for the LES alone, for the LES coupled to heat conduction only and for the three coupled codes. The present demonstrate that the temperature field in the fluid and in the HPS are sensitive to both heat conduction and radiation, and that these two phenomena must be included to accurately predict the HPS temperature.