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Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation (CEFC), Date: 2010/05/09 - 2010/05/12, Location: Chicago, Illinois, USA

Publication date: 2010-05
ISBN: 9781424470594
DOI: 10.1109/CEFC.2010.5481539

Digests of the 2010 14th Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation, CEFC 2010


Gyselinck, Johan
Dular, Patrick ; Geuzaine, Christophe ; Sabariego, Ruth


In this paper a hybrid approach for considering massive conducting regions in time-domain finite-element modeling is presented. Surface impedance boundary conditions, developed in the time domain as previously proposed by the authors, are adopted so as to allow for high-frequency flux components (in a certain frequency band) without the need for very fine discretisation of the conducting region near its surface These surface conditions are combined with a coarse FE mesh inside the region for conveying slowly varying flux components The correct impedance behaviour can thus be obtained in a wide frequency range, from DC flux on. The approach is briefly demonstrated by means of a simple 1D test case. © 2010 IEEE.