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Depression and Anxiety

Publication date: 2016-05
Volume: 33 Pages: 400 - 414
ISSN: 1091-4269, 1520-6394 PMID: 26682536
DOI: 10.1002/da.22461
Publisher: J. Wiley


Cuijpers, Pim
Cristea, Ioana A ; Ebert, David D ; Koot, Hans M ; Auerbach, Randy P ; Bruffaerts, Ronny ; Kessler, Ronald C


Social Sciences, Science & Technology, Life Sciences & Biomedicine, Psychology, Clinical, Psychiatry, Psychology, depression, college students, psychotherapy, cognitive behavior therapy, behavioral activation therapy, metaanalysis, MENTAL-HEALTH, COGNITIVE THERAPY, UNIVERSITY-STUDENTS, BEHAVIOR-THERAPY, PSYCHOTHERAPY, PREVENTION, DISORDERS, INTERVENTIONS, MEDICATION, SYMPTOMS, Adolescent, Adult, Depressive Disorder, Female, Humans, Male, Psychotherapy, Students, Universities, 1103 Clinical Sciences, 1701 Psychology


Expanded efforts to detect and treat depression among college students, a peak period of onset, have the potential to bear high human capital value from a societal perspective because depression increases college withdrawal rates. However, it is not clear whether evidence-based depression therapies are as effective in college students as in other adult populations. The higher levels of cognitive functioning and IQ and higher proportions of first-onset cases might lead to treatment effects being different among college students relative to the larger adult population.