Das Erbe der Monarchie. Nachwirkungen einer deutschen Institution seit 1918

Publication date: 2008-01
ISBN: 9783593387277
Publisher: Campus; Frankfurt a.M.


History of the monarchy, political history


The volume seeks, focusing on the German example, to determine the place of the monarchy in the 20th century. It takes into consideration a wide range of approaches (political history, constitutional history, history of art, media history etc.) in order not only to determine, how German history after 1918 was in many ways influenced by the monarchy but also the way the monarchy ended. In doing so the volume also reveals new insights into what was characteristic of the role of the monarchy in society and culture before 1918. The volume traces the legacy of the institution in regional loyalties, in sentimental topics like royal weddings, newspaper coverage and cinema, juridical attempts to deal with the faded dynasties’ funds, the fate of royal castles and palaces but also political aspects in the narrower sense like monarchism after 1918 and connections between the monarchy and the office of the German Bundespräsident. The volume represents the first attempt for the German case to discuss the role of the monarchy in Germany after its actual end. It was acknowledged both as a pioneering work in this respect but also as a convincing attempt to research the institution of the monarchy in a wider cultural perspective.