Poster presented at the 5th European Society of Internet Interventions Conference, Date: 2018/04/19 - 2018/04/20, Location: Dublin

Publication date: 2018-04-01


De Witte, Nele
Bonroy, Bert ; Debard, Glen ; Sels, Romy ; Van Daele, Tom


Wearables collect reliable, continuous, and ecologically valid physiological data that can inform on both vulnerability factors and the process of recovery in mental disorders. However, current applications in this field are limited. Burnout and depression are highly prevalent mental disorder that have a large impact on psycho-emotional wellbeing and are associated with substantial societal and economical costs. The Carewear project aims to enrich current employment assistance programs and the treatment of depression with the implementation of wearable technology. We have developed an online software platform and accompanying clinical guidelines that allow health care professionals to use physiological data as a useful addition to their current practices. Two use cases will investigate the added value of this implementation of wearable technology to help prevent burnout and treat depression. Clients will wear a wristband that registers heart rate variability, stress (through skin conductance and heart rate data), and motor activity. The physiological data can be inspected and completed on the Carewear platform and consequently discussed in regular consults. We are currently preparing for the first real-life tests of Carewear. We would like to present the research protocol and first experiences with the platform on ESRII 2018. Taken together, the Carewear project aims to encourage the use of wearable technology in mental health by providing a user-friendly platform and clinical guidelines tailored to elevated stress and depressive symptoms, which makes physiological data accessible and comprehendible for both healthcare professionals and clients.