Acta Clinica Belgica

Publication date: 1996-10
Volume: 51 Pages: 156 - 60
ISSN: 1784-3286, 0001-5512 PMID: 8766215
DOI: 10.1080/17843286.1996.11718504
Publisher: Taylor & Francis


Knockaert, Daniel
Boonen, AL ; Bruyninckx, Frans ; Bobbaers, HJ


Abdominal Muscles, Adult, Anesthetics, Local, Electromyography, Humans, Middle Aged, Nerve Compression Syndromes, Neuralgia, Science & Technology, Life Sciences & Biomedicine, Medicine, General & Internal, General & Internal Medicine, PAIN, 1101 Medical Biochemistry and Metabolomics


The ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric nerve entrapment syndrome is a recognised cause of, usually chronic, lower abdominal pain. Diagnosis is based upon a typical clinical triad and relief of pain by injection of a local anaesthetic. In the present study we assessed the value of abdominal muscle electromyography in 41 patients with a clinical syndrome suggestive of ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric nerve entrapment. Electromyographic abnormalities were detected in 15 of 25 cases (60%) with definite diagnosis and in 6 of 16 (37%) of those with probable diagnosis of ilioinguinal-iliohypogastric nerve entrapment syndrome. The rather low sensitivity and the clinical value of this technique are discussed.