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Chemical reviews

Publication date: 2007-01
Volume: 107 Pages: 2592 - 614
ISSN: 0009-2665, 1520-6890 PMID: 17518503
DOI: 10.1021/cr050979c
Publisher: American Chemical Society


Binnemans, Koen


lanthanides, actinides, rare earths, f-elements, ionic liquids, molten salts, Science & Technology, Physical Sciences, Chemistry, Multidisciplinary, Chemistry, FRIEDEL-CRAFTS ACYLATION, TEMPERATURE MOLTEN-SALTS, DIELS-ALDER REACTIONS, RECYCLABLE CATALYTIC-SYSTEM, NEAR-INFRARED LUMINESCENCE, URANIUM HALIDE-COMPLEXES, LEWIS-ACID CATALYSTS, RARE-EARTH IODIDES, ROOM-TEMPERATURE, YTTERBIUM(III) TRIFLATE, 03 Chemical Sciences, General Chemistry


An overview of the properties and applications of f-elements in room temperature ionic liquids with lanthanides and actinides has been presented. Theoretical and experimental studies of the solvation of f-element in ionic liquids are considered. Also, the spectroscopic properties of lanthanides and actinide ions are discussed with emphasis on the luminescence properties. Because of the ionic liquids' ionic nature and redox stability, it is used as solvents for lanthanide ions in unusual oxidation states. Also included in the review is the behavior of ionic liquids in solvent extraction of metal ions compared with that of molecular solvents and its application for the processing of spent nuclear fuel rods. Ionic liquids advantage is that the processing can be carried out at much lower temperature than in inorganic molten salts thus, energy cost will be reduced and safety will also be increased.