Setting an agenda for future research into cyberbullying using social network analysis

Publication date: 2013-01
ISBN: 978-1-62618-253-0
Publisher: Nova Publishers; Hauppauge NY


Wegge, Denis
Van Cleemput, Katrien ; Vandebosch, Heidi ; Eggermont, Steven


Cyber bullying is a growing concern for practitioners, policy makers, educators and parents as Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are becoming a pervasive part of young people’s lives, especially in the developed world where such new technologies are more widespread. This is a concern for the psychological, educational and physical well-being of victims, bystanders and also the bullies. In response, most educational institutions, governments and numerous non-governmental organizations have initiated prevention and intervention efforts. At the core of these activities is the engagement of young people in digital and interactive experiences in a safe, supportive and enjoyable way and the protection from risks in these environments. This book examines the opportunities and challenges that arise when online environments are used for teaching and learning. Chapters include the notion of digital citizenships, the legal risks in electronic interactions, government and local educational institutions’ policies, parental responsibilities, the willingness of bystanders to intervene in cyber bullying incidents, bullying interactions between real-world and online-world environments and the development of anti-bullying programs and approaches. (Imprint: Nova)